Numerology, “Vedic” style?


When I read about “Vedic Numerology” I almost always have to either shrug or chuckle. I almost always see Vedic Numerology supposedly corresponding to the letters of… an English alphabet!?!?!?! And in simply sequential order, too. Come on, where are the brain cells? How “Vedic” is English, or the letters of the Roman alphabet???

Next thing I always see is “Vedic Numerology” talking about dates, like July 27, 1970 being equal to “7+2+7+1+9+7+0= 33 = 6.” I mean, come on ladies and gentlemen. Do you think that “July 27, 1970” is a vedic date at all??? Not only is it not a Vedic date, it’s not even a natural date in the slightest. It is a completely cracked up modernly convenient calendar date that has very little correlation to nature.

If I saw a numerologist do something with the sanskrit alphabet and the Vedic calendars, then I would at least bookmark it as something I might want to take notice of. But as soon as I see american alphabets and gregorian dates I know the person must not be very deep in their understanding of what they are doing.

If that’s not bad enough, many of the “numerologists” actually even get the numbers wrong! If we are going to be “Vedic” lets give a Vedic source for our statement of what numbers represent what planet. Just because a person was born in New Delhi does not make them “Vedic.” Vedic sources are the Rg Veda, the Puranas, The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and that sort of stuff.

From these sources we ALWAYS hear the normal numerical order of the planets: (1) sun, (2) moon, (3) mars, (4) mercury, (5) jupiter, (6) venus, (7) saturn, (8) Rahu, (9) ketu.

The Sun is “1” because one is the number on which everything else is based, just like all the planets revolve around the sun and require the Sun to exist. The Sun is the consciousness itself, which is like the number one, the thing on which our life is based, and without which our body becomes a corpse to be buried or burnt.

The Moon is “2” because it is our mind, the lens through which we contemplate the world of relativities, “dualities” – hots and colds, etc. and thus develop emotions like good and bad, like and dislike, etc.

Mars is “3” – this is the first number that makes an acutal shape. It makes an arrowhead, a triangle. This it represents movement in a direction. Mars is the planet of energy, and is a sharp planet that allows us to get inspiration to move in a specific direction, full of energy, and cut through the barriers we need to cut through.

Mercury is “4” because Mercury is the bridge between matter and spirit, the intellect, which is extremely balanced, open and diplomatic – needing to connect all sorts of diverse things. Mercury is perfectly balanced. So is a square, on every side it is exactly the same.

Jupiter is the number five, in which forms the sacred star – the symbol of religious power.

Venus is the number six, which forms two triangles, one inverted over the other – the “star of david” – this is the symbol of the male energy (mars, the upward pointing triangle) cooperating in a relationship with the female energy (venus, the downward pointing triangle). This of course is what Venus is all about.

Saturn is the number 7. It is a crooked number forming an deformed star. It is a difficult number.

Rahu is the number eight. Eight is the double of mercury’s four. Where mercury was the most diplomatic and balanced of the planets, Rahu is the opposite, he disturbs that balance by duplicating it. Causing chaos and the need to change to attain a new balance. He is the most opinionated and unbalanced and undiplomatic of planetary forces.

Ketu is the number nine, which is the final number and therefore represents the ultimate divinity. Exactly as Ketu is the inward pull to reconnect with our deeper selves and abandon our outward manifestations. Ketu is the planet of spiritual urge, and 9 is the number which is the target of that urge: God.

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


  1. carlos says:

    The Bible relates that God created everything in seven days. Will this “7” to the meaning of Saturn? The Bible is not Vedic, but some people say the Bible are words written on astrological significance.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Saturn represents the realities of the material world. Therefore it is an appropriate symbol for “God creating the world in 7 days.” However there is even more significance in the concept that God created the world in 7 days…


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