The 12 Houses in Simple Logical Terms

Excerpt from Class 3 of Course 101: Symbolic Keys of Astrology

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Vic DiCara: 11:39:50
how many cardinal points are there?
Jayananda Das: 11:40:17
Vic DiCara: 11:40:32
east, west, north and south
Jayananda Das: 11:40:37
Vic DiCara: 11:40:39
which house is which?
Jayananda Das: 11:41:06
east 1st, west 7th, south 10th, and north 4th
Vic DiCara: 11:41:15
Jayananda Das: 11:41:18
Vic DiCara: 11:39:33
ok the house BELOW the cardinal point will support the cardinal point
Vic DiCara: 11:39:44
and the house ABOVE the cardinal point will erode it
Vic DiCara: 11:45:17
the first house is the physical self
Vic DiCara: 11:45:54
the second house is physically BELOW the first – it gives what we need for physical sustenence and growth: money, for example
Vic DiCara: 11:45:59
the twelfth takes it away – expenses
Jayananda Das: 11:46:07
Jayananda Das: 11:46:12
Jayananda Das: 11:46:40
give me that same examples for the 4th house, and the 7th house, and 10th house.
Vic DiCara: 11:46:46
Vic DiCara: 11:46:48
Vic DiCara: 11:47:00
it is not apropriate for the 4th and the 10th!
Vic DiCara: 11:47:15
there is no house below the 4th
Vic DiCara: 11:47:25
and every house is below the tenth
Jayananda Das: 11:47:39
i meant like give the same example for the supportive house and the disppitated house for the 4th and 10th house
Vic DiCara: 11:48:06
there are no supporting and dissipating houses for the fourth and tenth
Jayananda Das: 11:48:17
Vic DiCara: 11:48:32
this supporting/disspating above/below thing can only apply to the two cardinal points east and west
Vic DiCara: 11:48:35
only to the horizons
Vic DiCara: 11:48:49
because only they have neighboring houses above and below them
Jayananda Das: 11:48:47
OMG i cant believe i missed itt
Vic DiCara: 11:48:51
Jayananda Das: 11:48:59
now i see (a) The house to the East will cause the cornerstone house to become

more tangible and more self-focused.

(b) The house to the West will case the cornerstone house to become more

intangible and group-focused.

Vic DiCara: 11:49:08
Vic DiCara: 11:49:15
good work
Vic DiCara: 11:49:31
so the first house is the physical self
Jayananda Das: 11:49:36
yes yess
Vic DiCara: 11:49:40
the second house gives stuff that supports the physical self
Vic DiCara: 11:49:57
the twelfth takes away stuff that supports the physical self (for example, spiritual knowledge)
Vic DiCara: 11:50:03
then you have the 7th house
Vic DiCara: 11:50:09
it is death, endings, and other people
Vic DiCara: 11:50:22
the sixth house (below the seventh) gives things that support death – disease
Vic DiCara: 11:50:27
support endings – quarrels
Vic DiCara: 11:50:32
support OTHERS – enemies
Vic DiCara: 11:50:53
the eighth house (above the seventh) takes away things that support death – it creates longevity
Vic DiCara: 11:51:20
it takes away endings by giving one metaphysical understanding of the interconnectedness of all time phases – that ends are only beginnings
Vic DiCara: 11:51:38
it is also sexuality, which in many ways is the exploitation of others
Vic DiCara: 11:51:46
make sense?
Jayananda Das: 11:51:55
omg yes
Vic DiCara: 11:52:16
then we have the tenth house, which is the public self
Vic DiCara: 11:52:23
to the east of it is the 11th house. so things from the public move towards us, we enjoy rewards, profits, and social benefits in the 11th house
Vic DiCara: 11:52:56
to the west of the 10th is the 9th house. so things from the public move towards others. we endeavor to act in moral ways that are beneficial to others – that is the essence of morality, and religion in the 9th house
Vic DiCara: 11:53:34
Jayananda Das: 11:53:51
yes, exactly what i was expecting you to clarify to me
Vic DiCara: 11:55:38
ok the fourth house...
Vic DiCara: 11:56:25
it is the place of treasures, emotions, things that carry us
Jayananda Das: 11:56:55
Vic DiCara: 11:57:01
to the east of the 4th house is the 3rd house… it is where treasures and emotions and such move towards us – in the third house is our ambition to aquaire such things for ourselves
Vic DiCara: 11:57:46
to the west of the 4th house is the 5th… is is where treasures and emotions move towards others – in the 5th house we want to share our inner treasures with others and we develop the intellect and creativity to do exactly that
Jayananda Das: 11:58:12
(awh I see 🙂  )
Vic DiCara: 11:58:25
this is how the ROOT meanings of the four cardinal directions branch out to form the PRIMARY meanings of all the 12 houses
Vic DiCara: 11:58:31
cool, right?
Jayananda Das: 11:58:38
– Vic DiCara
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