Why I No Longer Deal With Gemstones

Some astrologers prescribe gemstones as a therapeutic measure. I have in the past, but now cease to do so. It is not that I think gemstones are not powerful and wonderful things, they are. Rather I have come in my continuing study of the ancient classics to understand with undeniable clarity that there simply is no reliable correlation of a specific gemstone to a specific planet. Therefore a gem that may work therapeutically for one person often fails to be potent for another person with similar astrological factors, sometimes even being outright detrimental. Gems and crystals are gems and crystals. I encourage you to seek a specialist in that area if you wish to use them.

It is my clear understanding of astrology which makes me conclude that gemology and astrology are not directly correlated. In tens of thousands of ancient verses on the science of astrology, there is simply no definition of the principles astrologers attempt to employ regarding gemstone. That is why I no longer prescribe gemstones as a part of my suggestions for making peace with your planets.

There is no “abracadabra” way to make peace with your destiny, it is a real and practical affair of your inner heart. This is why my favorite techniques involve meditations on ancient prayers, mantras and devotional rituals specifically and clearly recommended by the ancient founders of astrology for making peace with specific planets.

– Vic DiCara




  1. Gurpreet S. Khurana, DMD says:

    Now a days it is very hard to find jyotish gemstones. With the advent of heat treatment and enhancement that dulls the Jyotish properties of gems. When 99% of stones unapproved for Jyotish, it only makes sense why the results vary to such a degree of failure.

    Also, I’ve noticed the gemstone has not be energized properly prior to wearing. A stone is a stone unless you have properly sanctified it and given it to the proper energy source, which in this case is a planetary diety. With proper mantra and respect can a gem do any good.

    However, Seva (selfless charity) and mantra are effective methods for planetary appeasement.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Yes, but the larger problem is that gemstones do not have any inherent connection to astrology. And that is a fact that many people will have a very difficult time coming to grips with. I have found not a single mention of gemstones applied as astrological rememdies in any classical astrological scripture. Seva, Mantra, etc. are certainly found in abundance in those scriptures and for those purposes however. The conclusion is undeniable.


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