The USA, WikiLeaks and the Future

I am a personal astrologer, I specialize in reading charts for people. But every now and then something very interesting about an event or about the politics of a nation comes to my attention. This is one such case. I will make some quick passing comments about the USA and recent events, particularly the “WikiLeaks Scandal” which exposed the nefariousness of government secrets. I will maybe even offer some quick suggestions about the likely near future of the United States of America based on what I see in the passing course of briefly writing this blog post.

The Power and Wealth of the USA

First, lets say that America was “born” at 17:57 on July 4th of 1776, in Philadelphia – because this is the time and place when America officially declared her existence as a separate nation.

This creates, in the natural sidereal zodiac with natural whole-sign houses, a “birth chart” for the USA where the expansive and moralistic Sagittarius rises under a very direct and strong aspect from the independent, maverick, ambitious, and military planet: Mars.

A whole plethora of special alignments for political power form in this chart. These alignments are “Power Combinations”, a.k.a. raja-yogas – resulting from a mutual link occuring between lords of trines and angles (aka. “konas and kendras”).

  1. 1/4L Jupiter + 9L Sun
  2. 1/4L Jupiter + 5L Mars

Then rotate the chart to the Moon’s perspective (an imperative practice when assessing alignments), and note that the above combinations are particularly powerful ones because they recur from the Moon’s vantage point.

  • The Sun is lord of the moon’s seventh house and Venus is lord of the moon’s ninth house. Their conjunction thus forms a Power Combination.
  • Mars is lord of the Moon’s tenth house, so his conjunction with Venus (9L) forms yet another Power Combination
  • Venus is herself a One-Planet Power Combination in this context because she is a single planet who owns both an angle and a trine. Her participation on Power Combinations therefore amplifies their potency.

These are the obvious links formed by conjunction. You must also look for links formed by mutual exchange among signs and nakshatras (which is not present in the USA chart), and those formed by mutual aspect.

Aspects have been completely oversimplified and destroyed by “Vedic astrologers” who have not even comprehended their most fundamental book on the topic: the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Using a genuine Vedic aspect system (which is beyond scope to define here, unfortunately) each one of the four planets in stellium in the seventh house of this chart is in mutual aspect with Saturn in the tenth house of the chart (who is a significant source of political power all on his own, having a very high True Dignity – vimshopaka scores it as 15 – and a very high Sixfold Strength – shadbala scores it at 175%).

  • Mars and Saturn link via mutual aspect with 60% efficiency
  • Venus and Saturn link with 65-80% efficiency
  • Jupiter and Saturn link with 85% efficiency
  • Sun and Saturn link with 75-100% efficiency

From the vantage of the Ascendant these mutual aspects indicate a very wealthy country because the combination of the lords of the houses of wealth (2 and 11) with the lords of trines form Wealth Combinations (dhana yoga). Saturn and Venus own the two wealth houses for the United States, while Jupiter, Mars and the Sun own all three trine houses. Thus the United States of America has every possible wealth combination in the links formed between the Saturn and the four planets in the seventh house!

From the vantage point of the Moon these same mutual aspects form Power Combinations and Wealth Combinations, intensifying the potency held by these mutual aspects to create the most powerful and wealthy country in modern times at least.

WikiLeaks and Current Events

America has been going through rough times for the past few years – particularly as the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, have transited through an “opposite nodal return” and then into the first house / seventh house axis – during which time the draining, sudden and secret Ketu transits each of the four planets in the seventh house of the USA “birth” chart.

The USA is currently in the Mars era of her 120-year planetary cycles. Mars involves himself in Power and Wealth combinations in the US chart, as I illustrated above. But also the combination formed in the mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn creates poverty, recession and depression because Mars owns the house of financial loss and Saturn owns the house of financial gain. Saturn has greater Sixfold Strength than Mars, so the United States is not a poor country. But the fantastic wealth of this nation is punctuated by troubling periods of significant depressions, recessions and downturns whenever Mars and Saturn transit or cycle in ways which give Mars the upper hand on Saturn.

For example, during the beginning of Mars era (mid 2005 – mid 2007) the country enjoyed a huge boom of prosperity especially connected to real estate speculations (Mars, owner of the speculative house [5] and planet of real estate). But when the Saturn cycle within the Mars era began in mid 2007 there was a drastic, dramatic crash and all sorts of financial hell broke lose.

The presence of “natal” Ketu in the US’ house of wealth encourages whatever downturns occur in US economy to be particularly dramatic, sudden, and severe.

It is also instructive to note that real estate speculations was the main precipitator of the current financial crash – and that Mars / Saturn combinations (in whose Era/Cycle the collapse began) are well known classical indicators of real-estate in every school of astrology.

Currently the USA is just towards the end of the Ketu cycle of her Mars era. Ketu is the planet of secrets and hidden things. Ketu / Mars combinations are well known, well documented causes of sudden calamity. An unprecedented number of classified government secrets of a most repulsive sort were suddenly exposed to the global public by a website and agency called WikiLeaks. This occured exactly as Ketu applied her transit to the US’ Jupiter – ruler of the first house of the US chart and Mars applied his 100% aspect to the US Ascendant itself!

Ketu is a planet I personally admire deeply. I love how the US government and associated outlets react by saying, “How can Wikileaks expose so many national secrets!!! That is treason!!!” This is very indicative of the Sun (governments) reaction to Ketu – and currently the Sun transits Ketu’s counterpart Rahu in the US chart.

Allow me to give voice to the thoughts Ketu itself holds. It asks the Sun, “You blame me for revealing such horrible secrets!? But who blames you for keeping such horrible secrets!?

Indeed that is Ketus role, and Ketu often fulfills its role flawlessly.

The Future

Real predictions as would be made by great astrologers of old would require a lot more time than I am able to give (I am already way beyond what I expected to give to this post!), and probably a lot more expertise than I currently have. But I will offer you a few quick thoughts of mine. Take them with a grain of salt.

Relatively soon, Rahu will begin his long 18 year era. Coincidentally this happens at the end of 2011, right around the popular “2012” date. I think we will need to wait for that time to start to see any real end to the prolonged and protracted wars that the Mars era involved us in. We may have to wait until Venus has a significant turn in the Rahu era. Perhaps when Jupiter transits the US Venus during that era – which could be in the Summer of 2013.

The Rahu era is going to reinvent the United States.

Reinvention is an exciting process but one of many mistakes and regrets. The positions the US takes at the beginning of the Rahu era she will adopt the polar opposite of by the end of the era, around 2029. And it is only in the following Jupiter era – the 16 years after 2029 – that the reinvented USA will be able to regain significant footing and once again become stable and positive in a significant and overall manner.

In the near term… I expect major bumps in the road to occur each time Ketu transits a seventh house planet. And I expect also that when Saturn enters the first degree of sidereal Libra in August of 2012 America will make move to try to assert her power and dominance in the world in a heavy handed and aggressive way.

May the Supreme Godhead help us all open ourselves
to true wisdom and love.

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved