Ancient Prayer to Jupiter from Rg Veda


This is an excerpt from a book I am writing called Making Peace with your Planets. It is my translation of a prayer from the worlds most ancient surviving book, the Rg Veda (2.23). The founder of ancient astrology recommends this prayer as the best meditation for forming a peaceful and prosperous relationship with the astrological planet Jupiter.

We call to the master of the planets, the wisest of the wise, the most famous master of religion, the master of priests! Hear us! Help us! Sit with us now.

Deathless Lord of the Vastness [Jupiter], the gods learn from you how to participate in holy ceremonies. As the light of the Sun creates the rays of the Moon, you create all religion. Chase away the gloom and hatred. Mount your chariot, which destroys foes, slays demons, frees the needy and finds the light.

You preserve humanity by leading us with your wisdom. One who admires you finds no grief. Those who hate you receive wise punishment which evolves their opinions to higher levels.

Sorrow, distress, foes, fears, weaknesses and seductions flee from the person you guard. You guard us with wisdom and show us the path, so we sing to you now. Bring to ruin any traps set for us. Protect us from the evil, arrogant rapists who attack without just cause. Turn them from our path, and lead us instead to heavenly places.

Protect our bodies from harm. With your affection comfort us. Protect the gods and strike down the demons so that the unworthy do not obtain rewards. Grant us the wealth that all men want. Make our enemies destitute.

Let us be under your wing, and not fall under the rule of wicked men of guile. Against the fierce passions of wild lust you are unyieldingly strong. You make us victorious in taming these consuming vices. If even the strongest of them tries to kill us, he will be humiliated by your protection over us, for we strive to do no wrong.

The Lord of Vastness [Jupiter] overthrows the wicked who try to injure the just. With a sword of fire he burns the demons who scorn righteousness and morality.

Give to the wicked what the wicked deserve, and to the just and wise give what is excellent, beautiful, resplendent and proper! Do not let us become like they who are greedy for blessings and wealth undeserved, and have no righteous motivations!

The Great Architect brought you to life to put down the greedy and uphold the moral. Your power can split mountains and flood the world. Please receive this song, and protect our children.

Loud may we say it, with voices like heros before a large audience: “that which the righteous love is a true blessing!”

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


  1. georgia says:

    so beautiful; will there be such for each?


    1. vicdicara says:

      Yep! There will be a chapter for each of the nine planets and other chapters about the therapies and practices themselves!


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