Ancient Prayer to the Sun


This is from the first chapter, 35th song of the world’s oldest surviving book, the Rg Veda. The father of ancient astrology, Sage Parashara, recommends contemplation upon this prayer to make peace with the astrological Sun.

I call upon fire, friendship, waters and the restful night to aid us.
I call for aid to the Sun, bringer of life.

Revolving through the darkness of space, awakening gods and mortals alike
Riding in a golden chariot, looking upon every being.

Moving to the northern and southern solstices he journeys
Coming from afar to chase away all distress and sorrow

On a multicolored chariot decked with pearls and flags
The many-rayed sun sets off powerfully into the darkness

White horses draw that golden chariot, bringing its light to everyone
All beings exist in the lap of the Sun

There are three universes, two belong to the Sun,
While the other belongs to death and is the home of warriors
He is the kingpin around all things firmly rest
And revolve

Strong winged, lighting up all regions, causing fear to creatures of darkness
What worlds have the rays of the wise leader illuminated now?

He illuminates the eight points of the Earth, the three deserts, and seven oceans.
The golden-eyed Sun appears now to give treasure to those who worship.

Golden handed, far seeing, going in his path between Earth and heaven
he drives away sickness, and illuminates what was once dark

Golden handed and kind leader, come to us with aid and favor.
Drive away creatures of darkness assembling at sunset.

The ancient paths of the Sun collect no dust and are clear in the middle of the sky
Come on those fair paths today, and bless us to be free from harm!

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


  1. Penny says:

    Thats really beautiful, I can feel the power in it just reading it. I was looking through verses from the Rig Veda just today, though the book I have did not cover those particular ones. I think I may include those verses in my ritual to connect with the Sun, every Sunday!


    1. vicdicara says:



  2. Jayananda Das says:

    no sanskrit mantra??


    1. vicdicara says:

      not in this post, it will be in the book though


      1. Jayananda Das says:



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