Oprah Winfrey’s Wealth


This is from the 38th Chapter of my soon-to-be released book: Unlocking the Meanings of a Horoscope.

Jupiter is the focal planet for the second house. In Oprah’s chart he is in the sixth house. This inclines the chart to create enmity and obstacles for Oprah’s wealth, family and nourishment. The other two planets bearing on the second house are Mercury and Venus planets of commerce and opulence. Both of these occupy the second house, giving the opposite indication of what we saw in Jupiters placement. This inclines the horoscope to have polarity regarding the second house topics. As a case in point, Oprah was born into poverty but rose to extreme wealth. She was born into a dysfunctional and abusive family, but created a better future for herself. She has a weight issue but also some successful diets.

The obvious second house in Oprah’s chart is Capricorn, because it is the second sign from her Ascendant. The lord of this house, Saturn, is exalted in the house of entertainment and profit (11). This bodes extremely well for the strength of her wealth. In fact there is mutual exchange between Oprah’s lords of wealth and profit and many strong classical Wealth Combinations as we examined previously. This helps an astrologer realize that the wealth indicated in the chart will dominate over the poverty also indicated. She spent her early life in poverty but is living the rest of it in fabulously exalted wealth.

The hidden second house in Oprah’s chart is the second sign from the pivot planet of the second house, the Moon. The second sign from the Moon in Oprah’s chart is Sagittarius. This is the first house of the normal, ascendant-based horoscope indicating that wealth is strong and an important part of Oprah’s self identity. The lord of the Moon’s second house is in the Moon’s seventh house. This gives her some sexual problems as well as some interest in health, and it is also good for wealth to have the lord of wealth in the house of commerce and exchange. Her interest in health topics is well known. Her sexual problems are documented in that she was abused by a cousin at a young age and was unusually sexually active as a teen, resulting in a miscarriage.

Now lets consult the subdivisions. The D2 expands upon the wealth facet of the second house, while the D45 and D60 are overall charts. The D2 is very difficult to read as it is a unique chart which could be represented as having no signs or houses at all, only rulers: the Sun and Moon. Here is a more authentic way of depicting the D2 as a chart.*

First notice that Oprah’s second and eleventh lord, Mercury combines with her first lord Sun forming a wealth combination in the D2, the subdivision pertaining to wealth. Jupiter, planet of fortune and lord of the Moon’s house of fortune is exalted and aspects this combination. Venus, the planet of opulence and lord of the house of profit in the main chart joins this combination from a strong position. Saturn, the lord of house of wealth in the main chart also aspects this combination from a strong position in the tenth house. There is also a mutual exchange in this chart between the house of profit (11) and the house of treasure (4), the later being the house in which the wealth combination occurs.

The D45 pertains overall to every house, so lets look at the houses and planets of wealth in this chart. The lord of wealth is exalted in the house of commerce. The three planets important for wealth, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are all exalted or in their own signs. Jupiter is exalted in the house of profit. There is a mutual exchange linking the house of profit with the house of treasure, just like in the D2.

There are thus overwhelming significations of wealth in oprah’s D45. There is also an indication of poverty: the sixth and twelfth lords join the second lord. Thus the lords of loss and debt join the lord of wealth. However note that the lord of wealth is the strong planet in the combination, being exalted. Therefore the other two soon become subordinated to her will.

The ninth house of this chart reveals that Oprah’s fortunes fluctuate wildly: the nodes occupy the house of fortune. This would alert an astrologer to interpret the several indications of poverty to refer to a distinct era of her life which radically changes to match the abundant indications of extreme wealth.

The D60 changes ascendant every half of a degree, which the Ascendant crosses approximately every two minutes. So the house configuration of this chart is not implicitly reliable unless confidence in the birth time is very high. The placement of planets in the signs of this division, however, is reliable regardless of birth time details.

We already have more information than we need to make very accurate judgements of Oprah’s second house. But looking into her D60 I am inclined to suggest that her real birth time might be 4:27am, 3 minutes prior to the commonly used 4:30. This shows a very strong D60 which matches a prominent television career (Ketu with the lord of career in the house of career, joined by Venus, the lord of how to relate to others) as a star (strong first house). It also shows a great deal of wealth as Jupiter the planet of fortunate and lord of the house of wealth is in his own sign in the fortunate fifth house, from which it aspects the houses of self, profit and fortune. The lord of fortune is in the house of profit receiving Jupiter’s aspect.

Like everything we have seen about Oprah’s second house, it all indicates great opulence but has tangents of poverty. In this case the lord of profit is in the house of debt. But what we have seen clearly is that the indications of Oprah’s wealth vastly and powerfully exceed the indications of poverty and we expect that she would have distinct eras of life, one of which had poverty and the other of which enjoys extreme wealth – separated by a swift and radical change. To find out which era comes when for Oprah is a different subject requiring us to utilize the principles of timing, the subject of the third book in this series: Astrology in the Fourth Dimension. However there is a significant clue right in the first house of Oprah’s birth chart where the lord of the first house occupies the house of poverty. Since the first house indicates the first quarter of life, this is a pretty good hint to an astrologer that the poverty era would come in the first quarter of her life, followed by a radical change to wealth.


* In Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Parashara describes the calculation of the Hora (D2) chart: “These are totally 24 counted from Aries, repeating twice in the whole of the zodiac.” So the first 15 degrees of Aries is D2 Aries, the next is D2 Taurus. The first 15 degrees of Taurus is D2 Gemini, the next is D2 Cancer, etc. When you get to Libra the sequence repeats.


– Vic DiCara
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