NEW BOOK: Unlocking the Meanings of a Horoscope

Today my newest book becomes available!  In 336 pages, this book reveals extremely powerful details of how to read a horoscope in a precise, systematic and scientific manner. Spiced with a bit of humor by using the horoscopes of interesting modern figures to illustrate each technical points. The horoscopes of Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, the author and an anonymous rising star will help you enjoy learning this ancient science of astrological divination. Unlocking the Meanings of a Horoscope presents the exact details of astrological science in a way that encourages eventual mastery by your own personal intellect, intuition and feeling.

Never before have the ancient secrets of astrology been presented in such a comprehensive, comprehensible and clear book!

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My previous book, Symbolic Keys of Astrology is also newly available in a revised edition. More info here.