Angelina Jolie – Horoscope Analysis

4 June 1975 at 9:09am in Los Angeles, California USA

5º 22′ of Cancer rises, which puts Pushya nakshatra and Leo navamsha on the Eastern horizon. The Moon owns Cancer and the Sun owns Leo. Thus Angelina is a female leader. Her beauty is obvious from the ascendant belonging to the Moon, having the nakshatra of “The Flower” rising and having beautiful Venus less that 1º from the ascendant and thus beautifying the house of the physical self (1) in 56% of the subdivision charts. Particularly this Venus is strong in the first house of the D27, which itself expands upon the nature of the physical self. Therefore none of Venus’ negative dignity expresses itself directly in the shape or strength or features of her physical body.

This chart is full of sex appeal. Besides the abundant beauty imparted by Venus, ample sexiness and sex appeal results for the ally of her ascendant lord owning the house of romance (7) and sexuality (8) while occupying the house in which sexual pleasure is experienced (12).

There is a planet in the second house from her Sun. This affects facial beauty. The planet is Saturn, who is a malefic but who has outstandingly high True Dignity (17.3). Because he is a malefic Saturn gives some strength and masculinity to her face, but because his dignity is so abnormally high these features increase her appeal and attraction and sense of sexual strength. Saturn is outstanding in two subdivisions, the eighth house of the D3 where he is in Aquarius, and the tenth house of the D10 where he is in Capricorn. This means that the features he contributes to her face give her the appearance of being very forcefully sexual and exciting (D3/8H) and that this characteristic of her face is of direct relevance to her career (D10/10H).

Her elements, a combination of water and fire, support sexiness. The dominance of the dual mode supports her ability to assume different roles as an actress.

The eleventh and fifth houses are key when Cancer rises. Angelina has forward moving nodes aligning with the cusps of these houses. The house of entertainment (11) is the abode of the ascendant lord’s two best friends the Sun and Mercury – focusing the positive energy of her chart here. The lord of creativity (5) aspects the house of self-expression (3) and the lord of self-expression is in the house of entertainment and the lord of entertainment is Venus who is within 1º of her ascendant in the first house. There is a mutual exchange between the lord of self-expression (3), Mercury, and the lord of creativity (5), Mars because Mercury is in Mars’ Mrigashiirzha mansion while Mars is in Mercury’s Revati mansion. All of these together are extremely strong hallmarks of an artistic performer.

Suggesting that her type of performing art is acting: Mercury, the actor is a great ally occupying the house of entertainment, owning the house of self-expression and the twelfth house as well, giving the ability to “switch egos” and become different people. Mercury’s combination with the planet of ego (sun) and the master of impersonation (ketu) fortifies this.

This is the chart of an extremely famous person, because it has so many and such potent Power Combinations.

    1. Moon (1L) + Jupiter (9L) in the ninth house.
    2. Repetition of the combination from the Moon where the Moon is the 5L and Jupiter is the 1L in the first house.
    3. Moon (1L) + Mars (5L) in the ninth house.
    4. Mars is a one-planet combination
    5. Saturn (7L) mutually aspecting Mars (5L).
    6. Saturn (7L) mutually aspecting Jupiter (9L).

Another Combination indicating fame in addition to the above Power Combinations is called the “Mountain Among People” (Parvata) in which there are only benefics in the important kendra houses, and the difficult sixth and eighth houses are either empty (in her case) or populated by benefics. This brings all sorts of fame, enjoyment, and skill because benefic forces operate on the main areas of life without hinderance from malefics. In Angelina’s case this benefic is a single planet, Venus – the only planet in a kendra or in the sixth or eighth house. Therefore her fame and fortune stems from the arts and from her sensual appeal.

This is the chart of a prosperous and successful person because many planets have significantly high dignity: Mercury 16.6, Jupiter 16.3, and Saturn 17.3. This is the chart of a very, very wealthy person because in addition to these Power Combinations there are potent Wealth Combinations:

    • 2L in 11H: “Very wealthy and profitable, thus famous and respected.”
    • 11L in 1H: “He or she knows how to enjoy life in a healthy way. Expert in arts, and therefore wealthy.”
    • Mountain Among People Combination is a conduit for wealth
    • The house of profit (11) combines with house of fortune (9) as a result of the mutual exchange of lunar mansions between Mercury and Mars. This is a Wealth Combination.

These are the outlets for the Wealth Combinations hidden within her ascendant lord, the Moon:

    1. Mars (Moon’s 2L and 9L) conjoins the Moon (Moon’s 5L) in the first house.
    2. Mars conjoins Jupiter (Moon’s 1L) in the first house.
    3. Saturn (Moon’s 11L) mutually aspects Mars (Moon’s 9L and 2L)
    4. Saturn mutually aspects Moon (Moon’s 5L)
    5. Saturn mutually aspects Jupiter (Moon’s 1L)

She is exceedingly wealthy – but is very generous and charitable: a big reason for this is because all of her wealth is focused in the moral and charitable ninth house, with some influence from the twelfth (charity) to boot. In fact, the presence of her twelfth lord (Mercury) in the eleventh house with very high True Dignity and Sixfold Strength shows that she will be liberal with her wealth.

She takes exception to organized religion because the lord of enmity (6) is in the house of religion (9) but nonetheless she is exceedingly moral, charitable, and pious. She is a morally oriented humanitarian activist with interest in esoteric and foreign cultures. This is visible in her horoscope by the intense buildup of power in the house of morality (9) where her first, fifth and ninth lords combine. You should note that Jupiter (planet of morality) owns the house of morality (9) which he also occupies and from which he aspects the first house with more than 80% clarity while conjoining the first lord with 75% intensity. This surely makes for a moral and charitable person. This particular combination of planets has been noted in medieval Indian writings and called the Charity Combination (Daana-Yoga). Her interest in helping foreigners is visible from her ascendant lord’s ally, Saturn, being extremely positive in True Dignity and occupying the house of foreigners (12).

The horoscope is not without problems. The first lord has low Sixfold Strength and Venus occupies the first house intensely with low True Dignity, as the only planet in any kendra. Thus she has faced some normal human challenges of disliking herself and her body. In her case this has been a bit more than normal (as the worse than normal scores of dignity and strength suggest) and she struggled with self-hatred and self-infliction of wounds as a youth.

She has had difficulties in marriages, predictable in the placement of her lord of marriage in the house of loss. Multiple marriages stem from the fact that the lord of marriage is in a dual sign (Gemini) in that house of loss. Additionally the ascendant lord and the lord of marriage aspect one another – and this indicates the enjoyment of many lovers and husbands in a sense that is not explicitly negative.

But because this lord, Saturn, has fantastic dignity she always marries extremely successful and desirable men.

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved

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