Unlocking the Meanings of a Horoscope – My Next Book


Probable cover for the book

Unlocking the Meanings of a Horoscope reveals extremely powerful details of how to read a horoscope in a precise, systematic and scientific manner. I know there are many fans of astrology who yawn at this, and I get where they are coming from and don’t look down on it at all. I will try to spice up my book with some humor and by using the horoscopes of interesting modern figures to illustrate the points. In the end though, it is my stance that if you just want an astrology teacher to tell you to trust your feelings and use your intuition then you would be better off reading tea leaves or tarot cards. Feelings and intuition do play an enormously important role in reading a horoscope accurately and usefully. Just like they are of paramount important to playing violin. Still if you pick up a violin and expect your feelings and intuition alone to make a great sonata, we are all going to be running for some earplugs. You must get training on how to hold the instrument, how to move the bow, etc. Then your feelings and intuition can express themselves properly. In this book I will teach you how to hold the instrument of the horoscope and move the bow of your mind across it’s layers of strings. I do this not in a robotic, mechanical way, but in a way that encourages you to use your own intellect, intuitions and feelings.

– Vic DiCara
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