Planets in Signs and Houses


Addressing the issue of planets in signs and houses, many astrology teachers present their readers and students with copious descriptions of various effects of the various planets in the various signs and houses. That might be the last thing I would want to write, and certainly is the last thing I would want you to read. It is an endeavor that is both laborious and self-defeating. To do it correctly and describe the effect of each planet in each sign and each house would require 1,296 subheadings!

Obviously that would be grueling to write. It would be even more punishing to attempt to read and memorize. Even if we both went through the austerity of writing and reading those 1,296 descriptions we would still fall far short of the real conditions in an astrological chart, which posses 11,664 fundamental combinations.

Books with descriptions of planets in signs and houses are appealing, because they give the impression that astrology might be relatively simple. They are interesting and are good intellectual and intuitive exercises, but you cannot become a true astrologer by reading them. You cannot become a real astrologer by memorizing possible combinations, because the number of things you would have to memorize is impossible to manage. To become a true astrologer you have to learn how to think like an astrologer.

Of course, we benefit by contemplating the thought process of other astrologers. Not to memorize those thoughts directly, but to learn how astrologers think. I will focus on teaching you how to think in such a way that you can understand any planet in any house, sign, nakshatra, navamsha, etc.

– Vic DiCara
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