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In a recent class, my student and I reviewed the horoscope of this famous hunk-soccer player. Since I am an anti-sports enthusiast I had no idea who he was before hand. My student mentioned that he was her favorite player so I chose to look at his chart for our class. I am posting it here because it is a good example of how real interpretations work in the “vedic” school of astrology and illustrates how powerful and fundamental that school is.

Here is a transcript of our class session, with only my comments left in and edited into a blog format.

David Beckham, born: May 2, 1975 at 6:17am in Leytonstone, London.

The chart is phenomenal.

  • Taurus rises
  • Venus is the Ascendant Lord
  • Venus’ potency (“shadbala”) is GIGANTIC (1.98, where 1.0 is average and 2.0 is nearly impossible) and her True Dignity (“vimshopaka”) is also excellent (15.3, where 10 is average and 20 is impossible)

Already you know the chart is much bigger and better than a normal person’s. next…

  • Venus, Ketu and Mercury combine in the 1st house. Venus is the 1st lord, Mercury is the 5th lord, so Venus and Mercury = 1 Power Combo.
  • Mercury is ALSO the 2nd lord so Venus and Mercury = 1 Power/ Wealth Combo.

When there are power combinations without wealth combinations, the person does not excell in areas which earn good money. Rather, they are a scientist or an artist or something like that. Einstein, for example. Or, to a lesser extent, yours truly. But Mr. Beckham has both power and wealth, and a fantastic 1st house. He is therefore beautiful, powerful and rich.

  • Venus is the 1st Lord (the first house is a kendra and kona). She is with Ketu. When the lord of a kendra (angle) is in a kona (trine) with a node… it is a Power Combination. Venus is the lord of a kendra in a kona with ketu = Power Combo (#2).
  • Mercury is the lord of a kona in a kendra with ketu = Power Combo (#3)

Now look from the Moon… make Capricorn the 1st House.

  • Venus is now the yogakaraka in a Power Combo with Mercury lord of the 9th (yogakara planets form “double strength” power combinations So this counts as the 4th and 5th Power combination in this chart)
  • Again Ketu and Venus form another power combo (#6)

Thus, the chart is clearly phenomenal right from the beginning!

The dispositor of all these yogas, Venus, is gigantically strong (1.98 Sixfold Strength). She is the final dispositor of every planet in the chart except Jupiter. The nakshatra dispositor of most of these yogas, the Sun, is exalted.

Venus is the lord of the 6th in the 1st house, is this bad? Realize that she is (a) in her own sign, (b) in phenominal strength, and (c) with excellent dignity. No, this placement does not dampen anything. Rather, it indicates his body is tremendously sound, healthy, fit, etc.

Notice that all his Power Combination focus on the 1st house? Thus, all his power and fame is about his physical capabilities, and him as an individual.

Notice that from the Moon all of these are in the 5th house? This is the house of children, games, sports… Notice Mars? Where? In the 10th house… career must involve competition, struggle for victory, etc.

Jupiter in his own sign, which is the 11th house (profit and entertainment). From that 11th house, where does jupiter aspect? What signs?

By sign aspect… Jupiter is in a dual sign so aspects gemini, virgo and sagittarius. By planetary aspect…Jupiter aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th with potentionally full strength. (Just remember that every planet aspects the 7th and jupiter also aspect the trines.) Notice that by BOTH sign and planetary aspect jupiter is influencing Virgo? Virgo is the 5th house. So, from the house of entertainment, Jupiter strongly influences the house largely resposible for being interested in sports: “sports-entertainment.”

Now lets say you want to know how strong Jupiter’s planetary aspect to the 5th house is… Jupiter occupies 17º Pisces so 17º Virgo would be exactly 180º away. That degree, 17º Virgo is the exact focal point of Jupiter’s 100% full aspect. The ascendant is 4º Taurus so the heart of the 5th house is 4º Virgo, which is about 13º shy of Jupiter’s perfect focal point, at 17º, right? 13º is about half a sign. So the 5th house is about half a sign less than exactly 180º away from Jupiter, about half a sign less than exactly 7 signs away from Jupiter. That means it is halfway between 6 and 7 signs away from Jupiter.

You know every planet is blind to the spot exactly 6 signs away, and fully sighted to the spot exactly 7 signs away. In this chart the 5th house is halfway between the completely blind spot and the completely visible spot, you know that the aspect is HALF formed. A.K.A. “50%”. This shows that it merely supports the full sign aspect to the 5th house forming the link between sports and entertainment (and money – the 2nd house, and sex appeal – the 8th house).

Jupiter in Pisces aspects both Cancer and Virgo, they are the 3rd and 5th houses in this chart. These two houses make entertainers and individualists when they are linked. Since mars is in his 10th house he did not become an artist or whatever, he became an entertainer by way of SPORTS.

Reading horoscopes is much more about the links that are forming than it is about the individual houses themselves. Jupiter is IN the 11th, aspecting the 3rd and 5th. If you read an old article i posted on musical and artistic talent in a horoscope you will recognize this: the linking of these three houses creates persons who are unique, smart, charming, entertaining individuals. Probably he is pretty good with music and art too. But he is really known as a sports figure because of MARS IN HIS 10th HOUSE. This made him into a sports entertainer, rather than some other sort of entertainer.

Jupiter aspects Rahu quite strongly in the 7th house. He must have had many, many sexual relationships and he married a very desirable and unusual woman (Krishna also has Rahu in Scorpio in the 7th aspected by Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th).

Really quickly before ending: Mars is at 22º. Venus at 28º. That is pretty close, so you know there could be a strong aspect between them. You also know that venus is in the 4th sign from Mars. Every planet aspects the 4th strongly (75%), but Mars extra strongly (100%) so this aspect between Mars and Venus is almost 100%: Lots of passion and sensuality, sexuality, charisma, etc.

– Vic DiCara


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