The Planets Incarnate

The student had learned that some souls attain the power to act in the role of Vishnu, Godhead. For example, the Creator and the planets are individual beings empowered to act in the role of God and cause the manifestation and operation of the universe. But now he had a question.

“Are all incarnations of Godhead normal souls who are just empowered to take the role of God?” He asked.

“No.” Answered the Master.

“Which ones are which?” Asked the student.

“Godhead has limitless incarnations in this limitless world, but there are ten that we speak of as being primary. Out of those ten, four of them are purely Godhead. The other six are individual souls empowered to become the incarnation of Godhead’s power. Those four are named ‘Rama’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Varaha’, and ‘Narasimha.'”

The master went on to explain that the nine planes are beings empowered to be incarnations of Godhead’s power. The reason that Godhead manifests as the planets is to control the operation of karma in the universe.

Karma is the mechanism by which the universe allows its inhabitants to act and enjoy life, yet at the same time gradually be reformed to a more selfless and enlightened state of awareness. Karma achieves this goal by discouraging more selfish actions with punishments and encouraging more selfless actions with rewards. To gradually elevate the materially bound souls is the the most important function of the universe, therefore Vishnu Himself incarnates as the planets to ensure that it operates correctly and as smoothly as possible.

The nine planets facilitate the other incarnations of Vishnu.

The Sun is intimately connected with the incarnation called “Rama” – the great king and noble leader, whose only fault is of being overly harsh and concerned with government above love.

The Moon and “Krishna” are intimately connected. Krishna is the reservoir of divine emotion, creativity, and desire.

Mercury is connected to “The Enlightened” (Buddha), the epitome of intellectual clarity and purity.

Venus is connected to “The Axe Delighter” (Parashurama). This incarnation to protect the world from military proliferation and brought peace by wiping out all the warriors in the world.

Mars is linked with the “Man-Lion” (Narasimha) incarnation, whose furious energy and strength destroys what stands in the way of goodness.

Jupiter is linked to “The Expander” (Trivikrama), who started as a dwarf but expanded in size to cover the entire universe and more in just three strides.

Saturn and “The Turtle” (Koorma) are intimately connected. The turtle incarnation held up the celestial mountain, a task requiring impossible strength and perseverance.

Rahu and “The Boar” (Varaha) are linked. The Boar rescued the Earth from the mire at the bottom of the universe, in the same way as Rahu takes what is low and makes it high.

Ketu and “The Fish” (Meena) are a unit. The fish is silent and withdrawn, but saved the spiritual treasure of Vedic knowledge from the devastation of the flood.

The student was delighted to learn these things.

“All beings manifest through the nine planets,” continued the master. “Not just the incarnations of Vishnu! The planets are the portals through which spiritual energy of all types enter into the universe. Both Godhead and the individual souls enter this world through that doorway, and they leave through it as well.”

He went on to explain that the universe is periodically created and destroyed in an unending cycle. When things are created they emerge through the nine planets. When they are destroyed they merge back into the nine planets from whence they came. When the entire universe enters the cycle of destruction, all things merge into the planets, and the planets themselves return into their original source, Vishnu.

To know these things is to begin to understand the nature of time – which is essential to the art of predication, as it affords awareness of the true essence of “past, present and future.” If you studying astrology carefully and with devotion all such sublime and occult realizations will unfold within you, but if you are a fool, and without completing your study simply criticize the science, you will fall into the depths of blind ignorance.

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


  1. Leah says:

    Thanks Vic. I really appreciate your writings and service.


  2. Namaste says:

    Wow! What an interesting post. This is really very creative. I love the way you connect the incarnations to the planets.. but what’s really great is the whole ideology of how God sustains the universe and karma and etc through the planets. Very cool.

    I also see Prabhupad’s influence in your last sentence, haha, that made me laugh.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Thank you thank you! BTW – This is a summary study of the 2nd chapter of the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (sort of like how Prabhupada’s Nectar of Devotion is a summary study of the Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu).


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