Creation of the Universe

Astrology is the study of the life itself. To know the depth of astrology is to understand the meaning of life. Life is a spiritual phenomenon, which springs forth from the Fountainhead. From this flowing fountainhead of life, the universe comes to exist. Before we undertake to comprehend astrology we should take shelter of the beneficence of the spiritual fountainhead, whom alone can bestow upon us a full understanding of this infinitely deep subject.

A great student approached a wise master, and with folded hands inquired, “Astrology is the greatest branch of human knowledge! It has three main subdivisions: astronomy, lore, and prediction. I really want to learn how to make predictions from astrology. Please, teach me.”

“Ah! What an excellent question!” said the master, delighted. “What you are asking about is a subject that can be of immense benefit to humanity. I shall go and beg the blessings of the Creator, the Goddess of Knowledge, and the God of the Sun. With their blessings I will return and teach you this science of Astrology – exactly as my teacher, the Creator himself, taught it to me!”

The next day, the master returned and told the student. “I have been blessed to teach you the science of astrology, but only because you are a very good and peaceful soul. Be sure that you never pass on this knowledge to anyone who would use it for evil!”

He then began illuminating the great science of astrology.

He started by describing the origin of all the planets and the stars by telling of their creation: There is Godhead, who is beyond all the rules and limitations of this material universe. We know him as “Vishnu.” Because of his power, the planets and stars exist and can be given shape by the Creator. Most of Vishnu’s power manifests in worlds which are beyond the material universe and beyond the purview of astrology. Just a small portion of his power facilitates the existence of our entire universe with all it’s stars and planets.

“Please tell me in more detail how Vishnu’s energy facilitates the existence of our universe!” Inquired the student.

So the master described that Vishnu facilitates the existence of this universe by splitting his energy into three spectrums. These three energies combine to provide the energy which sustains every thing that ever exists – in much the same way as three primary colors combine to create infinite varieties of colors. These three energies are the energy of clarification, the energy of motivation, and the energy of solidification.

The Goddess Lakshmi is the female manifestation of Vishnu. She appears in three new forms to create these three energies. As Goddess “Shri” she manifests the energy of clarity. As Goddess “Bhoo” she manifests the energy of motivation. As Goddess “Neela” she manifests the energy of solidification. Vishnu Himself appears in three new forms to guide the operation of each energy. As “Aniruddha” he oversees the energy of clarification. As “Pradyumna” he oversees the energy of motivation. As “Sankarshana” he oversees the energy of solidification.

This is the very beginning of the beginning of the material universe. Each of these three energies makes it’s first manifestation. The energy of solidification produced the source of all the raw materials that would make the physical structure of the universe. The energy of motivation produced the mechanism which would inspire souls to unite with that physical universe. The energy of clarification produced the first material being, the Creator, who would assemble the physical universe.

The energy of motivation created the mechanism to bind souls to the physical world. It creates three kinds of bonded beings: when mixed with the energy of clarification it produces the godly. Mixed with the energy of motivation it produces sense-gratifiers. Mixed with the energy of solidity it produces beings almost lacking any sentience.

The power of Vishnu himself maintains these energies of creation. When he touches his own energy of motivation he becomes “Brahma” and creates the actual shape of the things in this universe. When he touches his own energy of solidification he becomes “Shiva” and dismantles all those shapes.

The student was a little puzzled. “Didn’t you say that Brahma, the Creator, was the first physical being in the universe?” He asked.


“But then didn’t you just say that Vishnu himself becomes Brahma?”


“So how can Brahma be both a materially bonded soul and Godhead at the same time?”

The teacher replied that there are two spiritual energies at work in the world. One is the energy of the individual soul, and the other is the energy of the Fountainhead of all souls. In every being there is a mixture. The Fountainhead of souls always accompanies the individual soul to make it possible for her to realize her desires and intentions. In some cases the Fountainhead of souls builds up and becomes more prominent than the individual soul. Such beings, including the creator, are material bound individuals who are infused with the power of the Fountainhead to act in the capacity of Vishnu.

Then he pointed at the sky. “The planets are not rocks in space.” He said. “They are beings. They were once ordinary souls like you and I, but over time they attracted and built up such a predominance of the Fountainhead within them that they now are functionally identical to Vishnu and act on his behalf. Thus the 9 planets are incarnations of God. They cause the wonderful story of the material creation to unfold.”

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved