Do the Stars Control You?

Why does astrology work? What is destiny? Does it co-exist with freewill? What is karma and, more importantly why is karma… what is its purpose? What role do the stars and planets play in this whole thing? Is the destiny they seem to create for us something inescapable and unalterable – or can we alter our own fates?

Astrology works because you have freewill. If you did not have freedom of choice you would not be held responsible for your choices, and therefore would not have the “destiny” or “fate” which an astrological chart can foretell.

I could not possibly stress how important it is to thoroughly grasp this.

Thus, freewill and fate – choice and destiny – are a cause and effect, a “yin and yang,” two opposite poles on the same axis. The axis itself, the circle of yin and yang, the marriage of freewill and fate is a single phenomenon we call karma. Karma is both the freewill to make choices, and the fated destiny which arises from our being held responsible for those choices.

Who holds us responsible? The universe herself, with all her stars and planets. She observes all our free choices and actions. She bestows their just rewards and punishments.

Why does she do so? Because your deepest soul is currently a torn and divided being. You wish to be in this world and enjoy it, but at the same time you feel that there is something inherently lacking – that you are out place here. This sort of feeling is a lot like being a teenager and not yet knowing where you truly belong – but it is metaphysically far deeper and more troubling. The universe is your metaphysical mother, and her role is to help you “grow up” and “find your true place in the world.” She does this through the workings of karma, by holding you responsible for your deeds. She allows you to be in this world and enjoy it, but at the same time helps you gradually figure out for yourself exactly what it is that is lacking from this worldly experience. Karma allows you to create your own future, but it also encourages you to gradually evolve and “grow up” by only truly rewarding your more selfless acts, and only truly punishing your more selfish ones.

The stars and planets move into configurations like hands on a clock, revealing the deeper clockwork of the universe – the mechanism of karma itself. That configuration, particularly at the time of your birth, tells you how the universe is configured towards you, and thus allows to understand what karmic fruits the universe will bestow to you during this lifetime.

Can you alter your fate? What an odd question! Has anyone else but you in fact created your fate in the first place!? The stars do not create your fate, they simply enforce it. They enforce it with a power that is impossible to oppose, yes. But still it is you and only you who command the power and responsibility for your own destiny. You can not change the destiny you have already created. But you must change the destiny you create today, by using your freewill to react to your own fate in more and more enlightened and selfless ways.

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved

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  1. carlos says:

    is always an interesting topic. The freewill is apparent. Your actions is the reactions to others, your actions is destinated by the karma of the exterior. Everything works synchronously, a mysterious way of learning by universe.If were not so, the universe would be irresponsible, can not be the pupils to determine the curriculum. When we distance ourselves from the identity, we get to analyze it. You can a excelente photo in a past article, the clock. If each piece of the clock doing what he pleased, as the clock could give certain hours? in the same way, How could you make predictions? think about it.
    Tha freewill exists, but then we found everything gone through and learned, to what we should do freely. Free will is given when we deserve it, like a college degree. Freedom is given when we are responsible, by past experience. be responsible not just assume, but also do the right thing from our essence

    The freewill and destiny are not simultaneous, is like saying that an object is black and white at same time. Black exist? yes. White exist? yes. but either is one or is another.

    “Who holds us responsible? The universe herself, with all her stars and planets. She observes all our free choices and actions. She bestows their just rewards and punishments.”

    The universe cause your actions, and reactions. How the universe will allow you to do something that another person does not have to get? other people that cause you good or bad times has nothing to do with you? you’re free and they do not?

    How the universe operates, but it is through people, or your environment?


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