Maraka Houses

The 2nd and 7th houses are supposed to be “maraka” houses – houses that detract from health and bring death. Obviously this can be completely misunderstood – because the 2nd house is itself the house of health. (However being the house of health, it is simultaneously the house which defines lack of health.) This idea can (and is) misunderstood in 40,000,000 ways. The point of this little post is not to try and address all those misunderstandings but simply to explain why these two houses have the distinction of being death-causers.

“Death-Causer” is a fairly literal and exact translation of maraka.

The point in explaining why the 2nd and 7th houses are “death-causing” is really to show you how the houses work – and to argue against a very prevalent misunderstanding of how the houses work.

Let’s do it!

Where does health come from? Which houses?

Two houses: the 1st House (which is the physical body) and the 8th house (which is the lifeforce and longevity). The 2nd house is opposite from the 8th house, and the 7th house is opposite from the 1st! That’s it. Simple. That is why these houses are the opposite of health giving.

This is how you should try to understand astrology… as simply as possible.

Some people say that the 2nd is 12 houses from the 3rd. The 3rd is 8 houses from the 8th and the 7th is 12 houses from the 8th. So the 7th and 2nd houses are 12th to the longevity and the longevity’s longevity. This is a unnecessarily complicated attempt to explain why the 2nd and 7th are death-causing – and it only makes a mess and confusion of how the houses work.

– Vic DiCara
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