Alien Astrology

What about life on other planets??? And life in other solar systems and other parts of the galaxy? If a planet had two or three moons or was closer or further to their Sun, etc. etc., how would that change things for the people living on that planet, astrologically?

a) Is there life anywhere else in the universe as we know it through modern science? We still don’t know.

b) If there is, the astrology would be completely different – and therefore the life-forms would be completely different. Unless you had roughly a mirror image of this solar system somewhere else.

c) The principles of astrology would be identical – there would still be constellations through which planets move, and both of which move through houses of the sky. But all the details of those principles could be completely different.

On the alien world, there may be many more or less than 12 signs, etc. depending on the specific details of that planet and it’s relationship to it’s sun and (likely) moon. The more similar it is to the relationship the Earth has with our Sun and Moon – the more similar the astrological influences on that planet would be to the ones we experience on Earth. Therefore the more similar the life-forms on that planet would be to the life-forms here on Earth.

If you think about it, this is exactly the same conclusion that astro-biologists would come to: The more similar the conditions on the alien world are to the conditions on earth, the more similar the life-forms would be there. They would express this through evolutionary and biological terminology, and we astrologers would express it through astrological terminology. But the conclusions are identical.

– Vic DiCara
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