Two Faces of Dualism

In this brief post I want to share an exploration of the two sides of the dual zodiac mode, and how the two lunar mansions in the dual sign, Sagittarius, very nicely illustrate each side.

Moola and Poova Azhaadha are both in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is a dual sign. But Moola is ruled by the impulsive and sudden Ketu, while Poorva Azhaadhaa belongs to the wise and calm Venus. Thus Moola expresses the wild nature of duality, and Poorva Azhaadhaa expresses it’s beneficial nature. The negative side of the dual mode is that one can’t stay put on a single topic or in a single pursuit long enough to get anything accomplished. In this vein, Moola is digging for meaning, searching for the underlying roots of meaning – wildly searching here and there. Without plan, digging with bare hands, digging wherever looks promising. Abandoning a hole suddenly when another root catches your eye.

The positive side of the dual mode is that one becomes open minded and can hear advice from all angles and understand topics from multiple points of view. Poorva Azhaadha is the lunar mansion expressing this nature of Sagittarian dualism. In Poova Azhaadha we stop digging, sitting down for a second. We take out a fan and cool off after all that insane work. We drink a glass of water and pause. Then we hear from the great guides, Venus (who owns the mansion) and Jupiter (who owns the sign) and make plans and strategies about the best way to dig out and uncover the root of the meaning of our life.