Party with the Planets: Mercury

The front room of the party suite is pretty packed with people, but right away it is easy for us to see the bright aura around two very, very obvious personalities. One of them is walking directly towards us!

The sweat glands under your armpits are pinching and hurting. This is amazing!

An absolutely beautiful person stands before you – the most beautiful person you have ever laid eyes on. Perfect balance and symmetry marks every facial feature, every bodily limb! Could this be a man? It can’t be! But is it?

Wait, does this mean it is Mercury who is walking up to you? When we were preparing for this day, we learned that Mercury is the most bi-gendered of all the planets. Is this what it means? Perfectly balanced features. Perfect balance and poise in every step. Beauty that a female would kill to possess, but an equal amount of male sharpness and confidence…

You drifted off into thought and are startled back to the present moment by a delicate, articulate voice. “The leaves of the door have parted, and a frightened faun emerges in the forest of this wondrous party! Lucky for you, my dear, I am no hunter! I am merely your mate, Mercury.”


This is a bit of a shock! You expected mercury to be in the corner reading a book, or discussing science statistics with nerds around a bare table. I mean, you thought Mercury was the planet of intelligence! God, now it is so clear, though.

“I seem to not be what I was supposed to seem?” he turned to me and asked.

“Well, you know.” I replied, really throughly enjoying this opportunity to converse with the master of conversation, and absolutely incapable of matching his metaphoric expertise in even the slightest. “People sort of expect intelligence to be boring.”

He turned back to you now. But now you notice that he never, ever, looks straight at anyone he is taking to. Instead he holds his head to the side and looks playfully and almost flirtatiously out of the corners of his eyes, always with a bright smile on his lips. Those, amazing lips…. And then the whole gender question pops up again…

“Did he not paint a picture of me as a bridge?” he asks you, referring to how I prepared you to meet the planets. “He always does. A nice japanese bridge I hope, not one of cold iron and steel above a river of pollution!”

“Yes!” you exclaim. “Yes! You are the bridge!”

“Have you ever met a bridge that stands on only one shore? Bridges must reach out to other shores and communicate! So, when you entered the room I was drawn to you immediately. Let me introduce you to some of the others!”

It is not likely that anyone else is enjoying the party as much as Mercury. That much is obvious. He (“she”?) spins around, even his body language communicating volumes – always perfect equipoise and balance. His complexion is wondrous – there is a brownish yellow tint in it. Not sickly at all but so unusual and non-human, unless somewhat like a beautiful asian woman! This skin tone is set off by the immaculate but dark colored clothing he wears neatly and well tailored.

He is introducing us to everyone, all the party goers, almost seeming like he prefers them to the planets here, or at least considers them equals. We spend a good half hour delightfully accompanying Mercury as he mingles with the party goers. He is a master of wit, always joking and laughing in the most intellectual, yet thoroughly funny ways. Language barriers disappear around him and everyone becomes friends wherever he goes, at least temporarily forgetting whatever they may have against one another.

– Vic DiCara

© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved