Party with the Planets: Jupiter

When we get up to leave Saturn there is no one around us. Venus is tending to  others and Mercury has disappeared mingling into the crowd. None of the other party-goers are looking in Saturn’s direction, of course. So we sort of aimlessly meander back out into the front room.

Mercury is back in this room. And he enthusiastically waves to us and comes over to share a few more witty and poetic jokes. But oddly he does not offer to help us meet the rest of the planets. So I guess this is where I come in. I walk you over to meet the other planet in the front room.

He is a large man, tall, thick and wide – sturdy and handsome with a strong and broad chest. His complexion is light and fair, and his hair lightening from brown and even a little bit blonde. He is the first planet you have met who looks you straight in the eye all the time – with soft brown eyes. It is the honest, straightforward glance of a man with no reason to hide anything or play any games.

“I’m sorry I did not introduce myself earlier,” he says in a voice so deep, powerful and resonant that the very floor seems to vibrate with it’s baritone. “You were with Mercury and I did not want to interrupt. I am Jupiter.”

Jupiter! You are actually meeting Jupiter!

And you would never have thought that the guru of all the planets would be so modest as to apologize for something like this. Even Jupiter’s clothes radiate modesty. He wears only a simple saffron-yellowed cloth wrapped around his waist, and another draped around his wide shoulders, which display perfect posture. Neither garment has any frill or print.

“It is an honor to meet you,” You manage to say. “Please don’t apologize.”

“Yes, please don’t!” I chime in. Jupiter seems to bringing out the delicate manners even in us!

Jupiter smiles. “What do you think of the people you have met thus far?” He inquires.

“It is a fantastic opportunity!” You express.

“Ah! It is exciting to meet important people, isn’t it! Such an opportunity to grow! What have you learned from those you have met tonight?”

Now it dawns on you. This really is Jupiter. Always delicately encouraging us to think, and to learn… to grow. He is the ideal teacher! “Well,” As speak a look of tremendous satisfaction came over Jupiter – as if your putting on your thinking cap is incredibly enjoyable for him to witness. “From Mercury I would say I learned that intelligence is all about our ability to share things, and thoughts, with other people in fascinating ways. He really enjoys talking!”

“Yes! Excellent!!!” Jupiter’s voice booms over the dim of the party with heartfelt satisfaction at the knowledge you have gained.

“And Venus,” you continue, “She is so natural. I learned that beauty is a natural thing which springs from being kind and helpful, not from just wearing jewelry or putting on makeup.”

“Indeed. She is charming,” answers Jupiter, a bit more reserved than before. “What of Saturn. Did he speak with you?”


Jupiter’s thick eyebrows raised in appreciation. What did you discuss with that ancient and all-knowing creature?

“It’s strange how weak Saturn appears. How frail – but how he wound up giving me so much strength! He made me see through all the silly things that normally make me so nervous and self-conscious.”

“Yes,” Jupiter answered in firm, if somewhat distant, appreciation of Saturn. “Now, come! I will introduce you to the others.”

– Vic DiCara

© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


  1. Tony says:

    I loved this!! Introduce us to rahu ketu sun and moon 🙂


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    i loved this , i am a student of vedic astrology .Its great to see someone sharing the things in sich a nice and simple way where even a beginner will remember the thing for long time .

    well done




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