RAHU: Destroyer of Now, Creator of Tomorrow




Radical Liberalism




The Future

The Sky and Outer Space

These are the realms of the mysterious planet Rahu.

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We have discussed all the visible planets. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – all have evolved and we have explored the role of each. There are two more “planets” remaining to understand. They did not evolve – for they are the very power of evolution itself.

They are invisible points in the sky which cause the Sun and Moon to blackout. They cause eclipses. An eclipse is a visible demonstration of their  absolute power to completely reverse things create the chaos of change, transformation, and evolution.

Their names are Rahu and Ketu. They are a separated pair – two sides of the same entity.

First, to understand Rahu…


Rahu is the power of transformation – that alone is his singular, fundamental trait. You can learn everything else about Rahu just by always keeping this in mind.

The very story of Rahu’s birth centers around his ability to transform himself from one shape into another!

If it were not for Rahu, nothing would evolve, nothing would change. Anything you have ever done to change yourself – and any change that has ever happened in humanity or on Earth itself, has all happened with the power invested by Rahu.

Rahu and his other half, Ketu, both create the power of transformation – but Rahu’s sort of transformation is specifically the kind that impels you forward and makes you think about making the future better. He impels you forward and outward.

Rahu is the force that compels you radically change your lifestyle – trying to improve your future and make your outer self a better reflection of your inner potentials.


Since Rahu always wants to improve things, he makes a lot of serious enemies right off the bad. Authorities hate Rahu, and those who cling to traditional ways also despise him.

As you can see Rahu is revolution. Every single revolution that has ever occurred in history did so because of Rahu’s effect on the human race. All revolutionaries are manifestations of Rahu.

Non-conformists, too. Rahu has no love for tradition! He is concerned with the future, not the past. He wants to make things evolve, not stay the same. Therefore he is the antithesis of tradition, the bane of hierarchy, the reviler of authority.

He is a wild radical liberal.

All cultures depict Rahu as a serpent, dragon or snake. This is why traditional cultures despise snakes so deeply. They even go so far as to call Rahu the Devil. In the biblical Garden of Eden, for example, Rahu was the serpent who inspired mankind to make themselves better than what they were, to be unafraid of change, to be unfettered by authority – to eat the apple from the from the tree of knowledge.

Christianity portrays this story in a very negative light – because Christianity is a fundamentally traditional and conservative culture. They paint Rahu as “Satan”, the ultimate force of evil. In fact it is quite interesting that Christians and most conservatives of all denominations rather vehemently hate concepts of “evolution” – since Rahu, the serpent, is the force of evolution itself.

All sorts of people moved by radical liberal energy are manifesting the power of Rahu. The revolutionaries, the protestors, the anarchists, the dissidents, the rebels – all are Rahu’s offspring. They receive very little love from society. By majority, society is always a flock that clings to the safety of tradition and authority. Thus Rahu’s offspring become the outcasts, misfits, and fringe elements of any society.


In a sense, the conservatives are right. Rahu is very, very, very dangerous. They are way too scared of him and don’t know how to embrace his power in good measure for positive growth, but still, you can see their point of view to some extent. If you let them, the radical forces of change will create pure chaos.

Rahu is the dark fountainhead from which pure chaos flows.

That’s why astrologers tend to connect him with confusion and uncertainty. Rahu brings transformation. Transformation causes revolutions. Revolution means destruction of the old ways to make room for the new. Destruction causes chaos and rubble and dust and smoke and thus makes it difficult to see anything clearly. We become confused.

Rahu on his own, untamed by any other planetary influence, would create a world of constant revolution – pure destruction, pure chaos, pure confusion and uncertainty.

Thankfully, he is almost never completely untamed.


I hope that my description of Rahu so far is at least making it clear that this planet is fantastically and wildly powerful? He is the ability to topple a government, the ability to make the Sun itself go black! His power is greater than even the Sun’s! He is wild and uncontrollable.

Thus he is the cause of compulsive behavior, uncontrollable urges, overwhelming emotions which can not be stopped. He is the wild thing within you.


Because Rahu is such a wild and unbridled force of change, you could well describe him as “polar” or “bi-polar” (as if a pole would could be tri-polar or uni-polar? I never quite understand the need for “bi” at the beginning of “polar”, but whatever). Rahu’s radicalism is so extreme that it will run you through the entire spectrum of changes.

Under the influence of powerful Rahu a woman becomes a nun, but winds up in pornography. She is pushed through the entire spectrum of change and evolution – from one extreme to the other.

Rahu does this with a purpose – or at least, there is a positive purpose to be gained: under Rahu’s “guidance” you will see it all. Having seen it all, you can later on try to make sense out of everything. Rahu’s cycle in your life is like a chaotic revolution. It is only really after the revolution is over – after Rahu has subsided – that we can establish a new, hopefully better, society and prosperity.

Persons with the ability to grasp opposite things at the same time are blessed by Rahu. People who are unable to maintain balance, but flip back and forth in a “bipolar” pattern are cursed by the same energy.


Rahu and his other half, Ketu, are not ordinary planets. They have no mass, they occupy no actual physical space – therefore they are not bound by the normal laws of space and time. As a result they transcend the boundaries between here and there, past and present and future.

Rahu specifically bridges the present to the future. Those who can see the future do so as a result of Rahu’s power. This includes acolytes of divination as well as it includes scientists and inventors who foresee things like electric lights and handheld communicators, and then make them a reality in the present.

Rahu always sees the future, and that is why he tries to revolutionize and change the present. He sees the future, and then works on the present to make it change and become the future.


Just as Rahu’s awareness focuses on the future, it also focuses on moving upward and outward. The great sky is Rahu’s domain. And even more so is the void of outer space beyond.

Rahu is the force behind science fiction. In fact the reason why we associate flying and spaceships with the future is because Rahu rules both: he rules the future and he rules outer space and the sky. Rahu is the master of airplanes, spaceships, and all futuristic forms of travel like teleportation.

In our recent history we have dabbled with space exploration. Interestingly, at least in America, it has been very connected with liberal presidents and government platforms. This is because Rahu, who is the master of space and space travel, is also the prime force of liberalism and radicalism.


Outer space and the sky is a symbol of our future. Rahu wants to transform the present into the future and therefore tends to destroy it, creating a full spectrum of chaos as he goes about toppling old systems of tradition and outmoded authority figures. He does all this so that he can transform us from what we are into what we must become.

~ * ~ * ~

Rahu is the present transforming into future.

– Vic DiCara


© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


  1. Gurpreet S. Khurana says:

    Great posting on Rahu. Change is life…it happens. Most people do everything to avoid change and when it does occur they get depressed. Out with the old, in with the new is my motto. Rahu is the “push” to change. I like this concept. Great insight. I found this very interesting that this article was posted today and I just had a spark of light to search “the power of rahu” in google.

    I wish more astrologers would emphasize the power of the lunar nodes, especially Rahu.



    1. vicdicara says:

      Thank you


  2. carlos says:

    Very good. For me, a real meaning, with good bases.

    I have Rahu Vargottama (Sign/House) I’m scared… 😉

    Sometimes I see that rahu is the master of deception, I believe also is a good definition. When i say deception, the correct word woulb be hoax, or fraud. Through some observations, in some cases seems to be so … What do you think of this?


    1. vicdicara says:

      Yes, he can literally transform himself into different shapes and forms – so he can perfectly imitate anything.


      1. carlos says:

        is the same as in the Bible say about Satan 😀


  3. Nuwan says:

    Thankful to such a good article about “Rahu”……….I have never heard such vast, detail article about Rahu , I think this will help students and professionals for their studying.
    “God Bless you”………


  4. Renu Sharma says:

    Excellent depiction of the power of Rahu. The depiction itself smacks of Rahu…its potential, its power, its deception, its tenacious, magnetic grip over all – a god unto himself, surging, untamable, unfathomable, dark, mysterious, all-consuming KAALIYA that can be tamed only by Supreme Krishna’s dance.


  5. I’ve read this multiple times, Vic, and it gets better with each new reading (I have Rahu in the 1st house natally, so the message is very important to me).


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