KETU – the Inward Compulsion


Like Rahu, Ketu is the source of






& Polarity

But while Rahu’s transformative chaos is focused forward and outward, Ketu’s focus is backward and inward.

The Past

The Underground and Inner Space


Ketu and Rahu are two halves of the same entity, the same planet. And so they share many of the same fundamental traits for the same reasons.

They both create the force of change and transformation. Ketu’s transformations though, are more instantaneous and sudden than Rahu’s. They occur when something from your inaccessible subconscious past suddenly bursts  fully formed, into your conscious awareness and shocks you into an abrupt change.

Under Rahu, for example, you change your lifestyle dramatically because you see a better future for yourself. But Ketu causes you to suddenly understand or “remember” something about yourself which makes you abruptly change your outlook and direction.

~ * ~ * ~

Rahu and Ketu are both anti-authoritarian but Rahu is more of a social revolutionary while Ketu is more of a private, personal non-conformist.

Che Guevara, for example, is a product of Rahu whereas Ketu creates the “goth” figure dressed in torn black clothes glaring out from the corner dressed in amulets etc. The person who changes the world to match themselves is Rahu. The person who refuses to change themselves to match the world is Ketu. Yes, they are two sides of the same coin – just like Rahu and Ketu are two halves of the same entity.

Ketu and Rahu are both radicals but you could perhaps say that Rahu is a radical liberal while Ketu is a radical conservative. If you have ever dealt closely with either type of person, you know they are really quite similar in the end. They both want abrupt and drastic changes, but the radical liberal wants those changes because they want to build a better future. The radical conservative wants similar changes, because they want to return to a better past.

~ * ~ * ~

Rahu and Ketu both create chaos in the wake of their changes and transformations. But Rahu’s chaos mainly affects the external conditions of your life, while Ketu’s chaos affects your inner being. They are both polar. But Rahu’s polarity is visible, while Ketu’s polarity takes you through the emotional and psychic extremes.

Rahu will change you from rich to poor and poor to rich. Ketu will not affect your external situation as much as he will change you from happy to sad and sad to happy, etc. Rahu is the person whose world is falling apart or radically transforming around them. Ketu is the one whose world is fine, but whose insides are in radical turmoil.

~ * ~ * ~

Rahu and Ketu both compulsive and untamable in every way. Ketu however will create more deep seated and private compulsion, while Rahu will make exaggerated public displays.

The person who must shout his opinions to the world and force people to hear what he has to say is the one driven by Rahu. On the other hand, the shy person who compels your curiosity and intrigue is Ketu. The person who is compelled to change the world is driven by Rahu. The person who is compelled to change himself, driven by Ketu.

To make a real change you need both halves of Rahu and Ketu. You can not truly change the world without changing yourself, and you cannot truly change your inner self without changing your outer behavior.


Like Rahu, Ketu has no mass. It does not take up space, and is therefore not subject to the normal rules of space/time. Rahu and Ketu can therefore transcend the boundaries of space and time. While Rahu moves outward and forward towards the future, Ketu moves inward and backward towards the past.

Ketu connects the present to the past. Rahu shows the direction you are supposed to evolve towards in your future. Ketu shows what you have already mastered and evolved beyond.

The difficult thing is that our minds are, in comparison to our souls at least, quite small. We are consciously aware of only a tiny fraction of our past. Ketu holds on to all the past that our conscious mind cannot directly access. These unknown memories compel you to know certain things, need certain things, hate certain things, etc. You do not know why you know it. You can not explain why you are so talented in some area. You do not know why you feel so strongly attracted to or repulsed by something. Only Ketu remembers the ancient past mysteriously affecting every aspect of your present.

Those who have Ketu powerful in their horoscope can see directly into the past. They have greater access to the things previously mastered in their past lives. For example, a child who sits at a piano and composes a symphony while still 5 years old is gifted by Ketu to access his or her masteries accomplished over previous lifetimes. Ketu is the force creating prodigies.

Ketu creates mind-readers and oracles who can see the past with clarity. But Ketu also creates the scientists and researchers who dig into the earth and uncover the record of her geological and cultural past. Archeologists and geologists, for example, spring from Ketu.


Ketu is not about the sky and outer space, but about what is buried beneath,  inner space. Ketu does not want to know the outer layer of anything, it wants to get directly to the central core. Ketu is the power to get to the core of anything.

Therefore Ketu goes not up into space, but down into the Earth; into the underworld. It is said in most cultures that the underworld is populated by mystical serpents, snakes, and dragons. All cultures depict Ketu and Rahu as a serpent or dragon. Ketu is the master of the underworld, akin to Pluto of Greek mythology. He is the serpent who knows the hidden secrets of your primordial past.

All persons obsessed with the underworld and with secrets have strong Ketu in their horoscope. Ketu is the master of such things, and thus is the planet who can grant knowledge of secrets, ordinary and divine.

Anyone who digs into the earth is driven by Ketu. All things which come out of the earth have something to do with Ketu, especially oil and products made from it like films, plastics, petroleum, etc.

Ketu is the compulsion to get to the core of things. What is really at the core of all things?

The Sun is the center of everything. The Sun is consciousness, the “soul.”

Ketu takes human beings on a journey through inner space, to find their own cores, their own souls. Rahu makes people love the idea of journeying in spaceships to other planets – but Ketu makes you passionate about the idea of traveling through trance into the inner space of your own being. That is why Ketu is the master of drugs. And it is also why Ketu is the master of those who attain spiritual liberation as a result of meditation and renunciation. Ketu pulls your thoughts away from the surface world and down deep inside yourself. A blessed Ketu will take you all the way to the spiritual emancipation of knowing your own soul directly. But a hampered Ketu may not be able to take you past the fantasy realms and delusory escapism of intoxication.

Ketu is the greatest force of depression, because it drains our interest in normal, superficial life – which is the most readily available source of pleasure for human beings. Those who fearlessly tread Ketu’s path discover unlimited bliss and are not depressed about losing the shallow and superficial pleasures of the world. From Ketu they acquire a blessing more profound than any other planet could bestow. But those who hesitate and resist Ketu’s pull are torn apart and become lost in a confusing haze of depression – ever aching to return to the comforts of the superficial world.


Ketu is the irresistible call of the unknown past, generating the compulsion to revolt against the superficial world by withdrawing into the inner space of your own self.

– Vic DiCara

© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved



  1. carlos says:

    It´s interesting the concept about the past. For example, in the “simplistic and pure case”, if you have a strong Ketu, you must to change the direction to one “walked” road when you have expertise of past lives?


    1. vicdicara says:

      I would put it like this – a strong ketu will give you great access to what you have accomplished in previous lives.


  2. carlos says:

    The sorcecer is a concept associated with Rahu several times, but it would be more correctly associated with Ketu?


  3. carlos says:

    CIA and similars, are associated with Ketu?


  4. mehak says:

    my insignificant realisations, it can give u the mystique to see the future also if in lagna.if in lagna the person can be more intutive in his dealings than calculative.

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  5. Pankaj says:

    what are the factors that define Ketu Is stong or not in Horoscope ?


    1. Hardto say. Mostly by conjunction or aspect of Benefics


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