Spiritual Big Bang, the Meaning of Life, and the Sanctity of Freewill


In the “beginning” there was just “The One.”

Well, beginning is a bit misleading, since this story starts before the “beginning” – before the universe began with its its wheels of time. And even the one is misleading, because it is really more like “the infinite.” But let’s stick with the poetic imagery:

In the beginning there was just The One.
The One became Many.
(एको बहु स्यात)

Ok, but why? Why did The One become many? Well, think about it. What if you were “The One”? There would be nothing but you; no one to share anything with. And that is sort of, well… boring, isn’t it? Sort of lonely and boring.

That’s why the one became many: because The One wanted bliss rather than boredom (अानन्दमोयाभ्यासात).

So there was a spiritual “big bang” before the beginning of time, in which the infinite singularity of The One suddenly manifested as The Many. Countless souls – including you and me – came into being right then.

Let’s never forget why. Forgetting why means forgetting our purpose, forgetting the meaning of our life. Why do we come into being? Because The One wants to share the blissful experience with other people, and not be lonely or bored. So, what is the purpose and meaning of life? The purpose of life is to share bliss with The One. That experience is the true meaning of being alive.


But maybe there was a small, small kink in the plan?

Let’s imagine The One as being the ocean, the Atlantic, and The Many would be like drops taken from that ocean. The drops are all unique, because they all come from different places in the ocean. Drops from the north atlantic are cold, for example, while drops from off the shore of Cuba are hot. And so on.

This little handy metaphor gives you an idea of how and why each one of The Many is a unique individual. And it also gives you a clue to what the kink in the plan is.

The Kink is that some of the “drops” come from the part of the ocean which strongly identifies itself as The One. The drops that come from this part of the ocean are not entirely comfortable being one of “The Many” – they are inclined to understand themselves as “The One.”

The role of The Many is to share bliss with the One. But the kink in the plan is that some of the Many feel like they are The One.

It is a question of focal point, really. The grand plan is that The One is the focal point of bliss, in which all of The Many share. But the kink in the plan is that some of the Many think that they should be the focal point of the sharing.


So, why doesn’t the one just, uhm, fix those “lightbulbs”? Why doesn’t “he” just say – “ooops, you guys were mistakes, let’s… uhm… turn you off or tuck you back inside me?”

Because we are not mistakes!

And because, having been created, we exist. And that which has existence shall not come to nonexistence, ever. (नासातो विद्यते भावो, नाभावो विद्यते सतः)

Why not?

Because that which exists has freewill. And freewill is omnipotent, and inextinguishable. That is why it is called “free” – it has perfect sovereignty or “freedom” and can not be subdued.

We are all emanations from The One, the infinite being of will and consciousness. As such we eternally have consciousness and will… free will. The One never thinks he will “fix” us. It is our free will to be whomever we choose to be. If we choose to want to be The One, that is our own free choice, and even The One shall solemnly respect and honor that choice.

We are not mistakes at all. We are a glorious part of the plan. We don’t need to be “fixed” – we simply need to “blossom.”


Here is the scenario so far: The One desires to share bliss with others, so “he” manifests The Many. Since they all come from The One, it is natural that at least some of The Many will feel like they are The One. Now The One needs to take care of the situation, without erasing or violating it.

So The One says, “hey guys, if I let you do your thing here – you will disrupt the vast majority of Many who are all focused on Me as being The One. But don’t worry, I will make a special section of space for you, where you can actually experience what it feels like to be The One.”

Oh happy day!


So we merrily skipped on over to the border of this new world made just for us. We peaked over the edge with eager eyes, but our smiles suddenly faded into pale doubts. There was something very empty feeling in there. And it was sadly obvious what was missing: The One, the real One was missing.

You see even though we do want to be The One, we also do naturally want to be with The One. Both qualities are inherent in the foundations of our being. That is what makes us so very interesting and complex.

So we turned around with sad faces towards The Beautiful One. “But if we go in there, will we see you again?” We asked.

“You would want to see me again?” The One asks us.

“Of course! We cannot really live without you!” We reply, tearfully.

Touched, moved to deepest bliss, The One smiles and says, “Yes, do not worry. When you decide you want to return to me, you can return.”

We looked back at the new world made just for us. It was enticing & fascinating, dangerously so. It was clear to us that if we set foot there we would become completely immersed and engrossed. It was designed to help us forget that we are not really The One. So how would we ever remember The Real One? And if we could not remember The Real One, why would we ever decide to return?

Again, hesitation and doubt saturated us.

“You are full of fears?” The One said to us.

“Yes,” we replied. “For one thing, isn’t that place designed to make us forget you? If so how will we ever remember to return to you? And another thing: are we not what we are? Are we not torn beings, torn between wanting you and wanting to be you? Can you actually change us? Is that even possible?”

The lotus eyes of The One gracefully closed and remained shut in meditation. The universe was remade.

“It is true that I shall never violate your freewill. Your freewill is the point of your existence. Without freewill, love is impossible. Without love, bliss is impossible. Without bliss it is pointless to be The One. Thus, my dears, I can not change you. You are right. But you can change you!”

He opened his eyes slowly and continued, “It is also true that this world I made for you would make you completely forget me. I thought this is what you wanted. But now I know that is not true, so I have changed the world. I have made it more wonderful than I could have even envisioned one my own, were it not for you. It will remind you of me eventually, when you are ready. When you desire it. When you will it.”

Then, with one final embrace, we entered the world, and time began.


What was it that The One changed in the universe when he closed his eyes? He created “karma” – the mechanism which would make the world eventually remind us that we are not really The One. To continue the story, you must now learn about karma.

– Vic DiCara