The Role of Faith

What is “Faith”?

“Faith” itself is a touchy subject. So let’s talk about the word first. A basic dictionary says:

Faith: (1) complete trust or confidence in someone or something. (2) strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

If there is something that you can’t prove or know for sure on your own… this is where faith comes into the picture. Classic, sort of corny, example of faith is having a person stand behind you and trusting that the person will catch you when you fall backwards. You can’t see the person so you can’t verify on your own that he or she is really there with arms outstretched. You therefore need faith.

The Spiritual Connotations of “Faith”

Thus “faith” is strongly connoted with spiritual and religious things. We cannot directly see for ourselves the main topics of spirituality and religion – so we must have faith in them. I personally have some reservations or contentions in agreeing that you can not directly perceive the realities of the occult – but I have no hesitation in admitting that for the “common man” occult and spiritual realities are beyond direct comprehension. Therefore the “common man” can not access such things without faith. And that is why the modern world – throughly saturated with “common men” uses the word faith almost synonymously with religion.

Faith & Astrology

Astrology holds the power to reveal the things a common man cannot directly see and know. We can tell you your past, and your future, and we can tell you thousands of things about your present which are whizzing past you invisibly and unbeknownst to you. Since astrology deals implicitly with the stuff of which you are not personally aware, you require faith if you wish to avail yourself of it.

Faith & Reason

Please be aware that “blind faith” is not the only type of faith that exists. It is just one variety – a rather “stupid” variety, to put it bluntly. To really make good use of the occult and astrology you must have faith, but not blind faith.

Blind faith means that your own intelligence plays no role whatsoever in the subject you are concerned with. For example, let’s say a priest tells you that Christ killed a dinosaur. If you have blind faith, you will believe this. If however you have rational faith – you will inquire further from the priest and ask him to explain himself to a certain point at least.

Rational faith is positive. It recognizes that there is a certain point at which our intellect and perception fails us and cannot reach any further. Beyond that point faith is required, but up to that point intellect and reasoning is very useful.

Application of Faith in Astrology

You, yes you, must play an active role in your own enlightenment.

Eventually you (yes, you) will directly perceive occult realities. In the meantime, however, you still must play an active role. You must apply your reason and intelligence carefully and patiently so that you can determine where to place your faith.

In the case of astrology – you have to first learn something about it. Once you know at least the basics you then have to evaluate various astrologers and their level of knowledge and expertise in their occult practice. You have to use your intellect and reason to find a competent astrologer to place your faith and trust in. And once you have placed your faith and trust in that astrologer or guide, you must continue to use your intellect and reason as tools to more deeply and fully understand the guidance and answers you faithfully receive from the astrologer.

Be aware, please, that until you put your full faith into the process, you will not be able to get guidance.

I had a woman approach me once. She asked me to tell her when and how her husband would die. I told her he would die soon of an injury to the stomach involving internal bleeding, and it would happen while he was close to home. She told me that she was just testing me, her husband had already died a few months prior… when on an international visit to the home he grew up in – dying from an unknown injury causing a massive hemorrhage in his lower abdomen. Surprisingly, she was dissatisfied with my reading! She was a professional empiric scientist and revealed to me that she did not believe in astrology after all, but wanted to test it.

In other words, if you have little or no faith in something – then even if you are given an amazingly good answer, you will not be able to avail yourself of it.

Here’s a little scenario:

Your astrologer tells you, “Please be careful of cars today. Look both ways when crossing the street.”

Will you complain that this is generic advice which could come out of a 25 cent horoscope or newspaper column? Yes, it could be out of a newspaper column. But it is not. Yes it could be told to anyone, but it was not told to anyone, it was told to you. Are you going to need to get hit by a car before you trust that it was told to you because you needed to look out for cars?

Perhaps astrologers should be more explanatory? Perhaps instead of saying “Be careful for cars” we should say, “Your 4th Lord is under aspect from Mars while conjoined Ketu at the same time you are in the Ketu subsubcycle of your Mars cycle of the era of your 8th Lord…. so be careful for cars.”

Would you understand any of that though? Most of you would not. In fact you would more likely find it confusing. Most of you would prefer your astrologer to just tell you, “Watch out for cars!”

To really get the full worth of astrological, occult, or spiritual guidance, you need full faith in your astrologer / guide. The astrologer should not require your blind faith. Generally people only require blind faith when they are not worthy of being seen clearly for what they really are.

The important part about rational faith is that you should ask questions when you don’t understand something. And if your astrologer (or priest or whomever is acting as the guide) answers reasonably and intelligibly, then you can increase the strength of your faith. Whereas if the answer is “C’mon just trust me” or “faith is more important than the answer” – well you probably just discovered you got involved in something or someone not worthy of your faith.

– Vic DiCara