Mercury – The Bridge Between You and Everything Else

Mercury bridges the island of your consciousness to the mainland of “things” – allowing exchange and interaction between the two.

Mercury is all about the ability to exchange stuff, the ability to give and take. Before you can share something you must clearly understand it. This requires intelligence – Mercury’s primary role. Intelligence gives you the ability to make sense of stuff. Once you understand something you are ready to share it. But that requires communication – Mercury’s primary effect.

Commerce, the exchanges of goods, is another type of exchange governed by Mercury – which has earned the name mercantilism as a result.

To truly succeed in any sort of exchange one has to be flexible and diplomatic – a trait mastered by Mercury.


Mercury gives you the ability to exchange and interact with things.

“Things” are physical. You are not. You are “spiritual” – you are awareness itself.

Imagine a wide, deep, rushing river. On the western shore are all the things in the world. You yourself are on an island in this river. You gaze across the river at all those fascinating things, but are unable to get there and really interact with them. The river is too cold, deep and swift to cross.

You need a bridge.

Mercury is the bridge between you and the world, build so that the two can freely interact and exchange. Mercury is the link between consciousness and matter.

When doctors look at the spot on the western shore where Mercury’s bridge lands, they call it the “brain” and the “central nervous system.” These are Mercury’s organs – the parts of the body that allow non-physical consciousness to interface seamlessly with the physical body.


You have crossed the Mercury-bridge and come upon your first object on the other shore. What is it? It is unknown! It is strange! You must try to understand it. You must name it, classify it, group it, investigate it.

When you try to interact with this world, you immediately give birth to the precious faculty of intelligence.

Intelligence – our ability to organize the world into sensible, rational patterns – is the power of Mercury.


When you try to understand the things you encounter in the world, you use names, categories and the like. By so doing you invent language!

By facilitating your ability to interact with stuff, Mercury creates your intellect, which then creates language.

As you stroll among the objects on the western shore, you meet other people who have crossed their own bridges from their own islands. Mercury allows you to interact with them too, by creating common languages and symbols so that you can communicate with other people.

Some languages are spoken and verbal, but others use pictures and symbols, even numbers and maths. All these are forms of communication, by which Mercury allows one person to interact with another.

Mercury is the force in humanity which created all the symbols and systems that we uses to communicate with one another.


You crossed the bridge into the land of objects. You found interesting stuff, some of which you picked up and kept with you. Then you met other people who came across their own bridges into the same land. You invented language and symbols so you could communicate with those people.

You like some of the stuff they picked up on their travels.

They like some of the stuff you picked up on yours.

Now it is time to invent another symbol: money and another type of exchange: mercantilism. It’s time to trade your objects for theirs.

Just as Mercury created the world of communication with all its languages, so too he now creates the world of business and finance, with its own currencies and symbols.


Mercury allowed you to enter the world, understand it, and share it with other people. He allows you to exchange not just ideas but also goods – so now you can talk as well as do business.

Its really not all that easy to talk. Communication is difficult. We misunderstand one another far more often then we understand one another. Mercury needs to evolve. We need to learn the art of communication – which, basically is diplomacy.

New Oxford American Dictionary says diplomacy is, “the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way.” Mercury is the master of this art, which is the key to success in both communication and commerce.


Mercury’s condition in a horoscope reveals your ability to interact with people and things in the world. A great Mercury creates a person who can make sense out of the world and the people in it, and can therefore interact with things and people in an effective and diplomatic way – through expert communication and barter.

– Vic DiCara

© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved