Case Study of Blindness


The patient is a woman, born March 15, 1947 at 10:06 in Kurume, Japan

Factors Indicative of Blindness

  1. The Lord of the First House, Venus, in Saturn‘s sign (Capricorn) and under aspect from Saturn. Key points making Saturn very, very difficult health wise in this chart:
    • He is on his mrityu-bhaga degree in Cancer – the degree which causes medical problems
    • Cancer is, in this case, the sign of a great enemy.
    • His vargavimshopaka is only 7. Vargavimshopaka is a score given for the sign occupied by a planet in all the subdivisions of space. Below 10 is a weak score.
  2. Rahu in the first house, joined with the Ascendant within less than a degree of distance.
    • Rahu is stationary
    • Rahu is “exalted” which, in Rahu’s case really means he is troublesome.
  3. The Second and Twelfth lord (for the left and right eye) are conjoined in a malefic sign (Aquarius) in a nakshatra called “1000 doctors.” This nakshatra belongs to Rahu, and is known as the cause of significant medical problems.
  4. The Sun (source of light and vision) is at zero degrees of his sign.
  5. The Moon (the other source of light and vision) is in the second pada of Moola nakshatra, which the classics define as contributing vulnerability to blindness.

Saturn being in very poor condition with health-concerns aspecting her 1st Lord Venus in his own sign is the first, primary, over-riding indication of ill health. Rahu being stationary and “exalted” and exactly upon the Ascending degree is almost equally alarming and imperative. Further because his dispositor is Venus, he takes on her dignity, and therefore the affect of Saturn upon Venus also affects Rahu. This shows that her body (1st House) would suffer very unusually (Rahu).

We have still not yet seen blindness specifically – but seeing the lord of both of the eyes being in Rahu’s satabhishaka (“1000 doctors” nakshatra) we would have quite reasonable hope to suspect that the health illness will manifest towards blindness. Finding the Moon in the 8th House and in Moola, and the Sun at 0º would also help us identify blindness as the most likely or initial manifestation of her serious health concerns.

Timing of the Blindness

The patient developed onset of blindness in 1968. Within 5 years it had progressed to a very tangible state wherein she could no longer walk without assistance. By the year 2000 her blindness was complete.


1968 was the patient’s Venus / Saturn cycle (Vimshottari Dasha system). The primary horoscopic indication of ill health is the influence of very poor and mrityu-bhaga Saturn upon her Fist House lord Venus. Therefore it may be somewhat readily expected / predicted that this is a possible time for onset of the blindness.

The patient does not recall exactly when in 1968 this began, but in my opinion it must have happened shortly after April 12th of 1968. My reasoning is that on that date she entered Venus / Saturn / Jupiter / Mars. In this cycle all of the planets are either malefic or inimical towards her ascendant lord, Venus. But what is far more important is that this cycle began on a total lunar eclipse!

When this cycle was beginning there was a total lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses always involve four planets: The Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu. But this one involved an additional three: Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Saturn in particular was very close to the eclipse axis. The planets outside this axis were only Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter was retrograde, the lord of the 8th house, aspecting her natal Mars and Moon. Mars was aspecting her natal Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter.

The Eclipse took place at 25º Pisces / 25º Virgo, with Sun, Rahu, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Pisces. Saturn in Pisces, of course, aspects Taurus – which is the patient’s First House.

Critical Manifestation

That was when the patient’s blindness began. She reports that five years later it had become critical. It took Saturn exactly 5 years to move from the eclipse point and actually arrive in her First house – at just about the same degree in Taurus as the eclipse occurred at in Pisces – 23 – 25º.

Meanwhile, on April 15th of 1973, as Saturn approached this degree in her first house, She entered Sun / Mars / Saturn cycle while the Sun tightly conjoined Venus in her 12th house (Tight Sun / Venus conjunctions are also somewhat indicative of vulnerability to blindness). Mars was transiting her Venus, and Saturn was of course in her first house and thus aspecting her twelfth and second house lords which occupied her 10th house.


The patient says it was not until the year 2000 that she became totally blind. This means that the deterioration of her vision progressed over a course of 27 years, from 1973 to 2000. Any astrologer should recognize the significance of 27 years, because that is the amount of time it takes Saturn to move through the entire zodiac. So her blindness became clinical or literal in 1973 when Saturn first entered her first house after the eclipse. It progressed year by year as Saturn traversed the zodiac signs. And 27 years later, when Saturn again returned to her first house, the blindness was total and complete.

Eerily, almost, this coincides with her Rahu / Saturn cycle.

– Vic DiCara


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  1. vicdicara says:

    It’s not that Shatabhishak CAUSES illness on its own. As you note, many healthy people have placements there, and in fact many space oriented and astrology oriented people do too. I myself have Rahu in Satabhishak.

    The point in that particular chart is that Shatabhishak is the domain of Rahu – this is the key to understanding my line of reasoning. In that particular chart Rahu is extremely conspicuous because it is more or less EXACTLY on the ascendant, and is STATIONARY, and is in Taurus, which in my opinion is not good.

    Lets leave out the Taurus bit for a second and come back to that. Let’s stick with the main principle. That being – because Rahu is just devouring the Ascendant he is one of the main factors contributing to unusualness in the physical body. Therefore the planets he is connected to will cooperate with him in creating the unusualness that he will bring to the physical body (unusual suffering in this case, because of his connection through Taurus to Venus who is under Saturn’s influence, but more on that later).

    What planets are connected to Rahu? Well, his dispositor is intimately connected to him, and the occupants of his nakshatras are as well. These two factors, imo, are more extremely important when considering the nodes that when considering the other 7 graha.

    Venus is his dispositor. Venus pertains to the brightness, luster, and virility of the senses. In his nakshatra, Shatabhishak, are Mars and Mercury – who own the 12th house and the 2nd House – which are the two eyes. Shatabhishak is particularly important now, at this stage of the interpretation – because we have already identified a health issue to the physical body connected with Rahu on the Ascendant. In that context the name of Shatabhishak (1000 doctors) becomes important to highlight the chronic and incurable nature of the diseases she will endure – particularly to the senses, and among the senses particularly to the mind (and since Mercury is involved, perhaps the nervous system, and since Mars is involved, perhaps by some accident or to the digestive system, etc.)


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