Opinions, Desires, Emotions – The Moon


The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, illuminating the dark night in a rhythmic cycle with enchanting, calming and endearing light.

This sutra encodes the four major qualities of the Moon:

– The “mind:” subjective opinions, desires, and emotions

– Mental health

– Mothers

– Rhythm.


If you’ve ever read an astrology book before you already know that “The Moon is the mind.” The biggest problem I have with this is that the people telling you “the Moon is the mind” usually don’t really explain (or know, probably) what exactly the “mind” is. So let’s temporarily erase things. Temporarily delete the fact that you already know that the Moon is the mind, OK? Pretend you know nothing about the Moon.

Knowing nothing at all about the Moon, go out at night and find her in the sky. Looking at her up there, ask yourself, “where does she get that light from?”

The Moon’s light is a reflection of the Sun.

Yeah, sure, all the planets just reflect the Sun’s light. That is true. But the Moon is special. She reflects the light so brightly that she actually illuminates the night!

Now you can go back inside, sit down somewhere comfortable, and contemplate… “The Moon reflects the light of the Sun so abundantly that she actually illuminates the darkness”… what does that mean?

Consider it.

What is the Sun? Remember?

The Sun is the soul – full of the light of consciousness and awareness. Aha! So that is the “light” that the Moon “reflects!” The Moon is a mirror for the soul! She reflects consciousness, she redirects awareness.

Reflects is where, though? Redirects it to what?

This will help you understand what I am talking about:

Go into a dark room with a flashlight, a medium sized mirror, and a big book. Get down on the floor and stand the book up on it. Make the front cover of the book face you. Turn on the flashlight. If the front cover always faces you, can you illuminate the back cover?

Not without using the mirror.

What is that flashlight, can you guess? Yep, It is the Sun – the source of the light of awareness. And the mirror? It is the Moon – the reflection of the light of awareness.

OK, so the Moon reflects consciousness and awareness to… a book? What is the book?

The book is reality.

Reality has two sides: a front cover and a back cover. The front cover is the absolute nature of reality; transcendental reality which, frankly, we are not at all familiar with. Instead, our entire life takes place on the book’s back cover. The back side of the book is subjective reality. It is our world of hots and colds, reds and greens, blacks and whites, males and females, all sorts of subjective opposite pairs. “Duality.”

I’ll admit that this is a pretty huge “wind-up” to explaining what the Moon is. But I feel like I had to do it – so that you understand what a “mind” actually is. Your mind is what allows you to experience “the back of the book” – the subjective world of relativity.

Think about it. What is inside your mind?

– Opinions

– Desires

– Emotions

You might be thinking that “thoughts” are in your mind. You are right, sort of. “Thought” is the contemplation and evaluation of your own opinions, desires and emotions. It is slightly different than the emotions, desires and opinions it contemplates. That is why another planet, not the Moon, is in charge of your thoughts. Thought is not exactly in your mind – it is on your mind, about it.


The essence of the mind is opinion. The Mind reflects consciousness onto… what? Onto a subjective reality. When I say “subjective reality” I am talking about a reality of dualities. Hot and cold, for example. So the mind is our capacity to be aware of the world of duality.

What do you suppose is the very first thing that happens when you become aware of a duality, like hot and cold?

You pick one.

You form an opinion.

“I hate the cold.” Or, “I wish it was warmer.” Or, “Summer sucks.” Or, “God, it is just so freaking hot in here I can’t take it!”

These opinions about relative things are the “atoms” that create your “mind.”


If opinions are the atoms of your mind, desires are the molecules.

Desires follow after opinions as sure as bees follow a bear who has broken their hive. As soon as you form an opinion, say “I hate the cold,” immediately a desire is formed – “I want to be warm.”


Molecules combine to form structures you can tangibly see and feel. And so the desires that exist in your mind form the structure of the emotions that you feel.

Lets say you hate the cold, so you desire to be warm. What happens next depends. If you can find a nice warm jacket or a cozy fireplace, ah… happiness, contentment, peace all sorts of positive emotions arise. On the other hand if you can not escape the bitter cold, you apartment is without electricity or gas and your clothes are soaking wet – well you will not be able to fulfill the desire to be warm and thus will experience negative emotions: sadness, frustration, anger and the like.

~ * ~ * ~

So, the next time you think or hear “The Moon is the Mind” you will really have a full grip on what that means. The Mind is made of opinions, which cause desires, resulting in emotions. All three: opinions, emotions and desires are the business of the mind – the business of the Moon.

The Moon determines the nature of your opinions: how strong are they? How clear are they? How much do they fluctuate? How healthy are they for you?

The Moon holds all your desires. So the Moon in a horoscope reveals a lot about the role of desire: is it a destructive role? Constructive? Are your desires strong or are you uninterested in life?

The Moon is a central factor in determining how well you will be able to fulfill your desires and thus feel positive emotions.


“Mental health” happens when we experience our emotions in a positive way.

Mental health is the only real happiness. Without a healthy relationship to your own emotions, you can have 45,000 tons of anything you want in the world and you will still feel like dying most of the time. But if you form a healthy relationship to your emotions, you will feel happy inside regardless of what you do or don’t have.

So the Moon in a horoscope is an enormously important factor revealing mental health – how fundamentally happy or miserable a person spontaneously feels inside.


There is no one more classically dear to a person’s heart than their mother. I remember when I was a kid, one of the comedians my parents always listened to had this fantastic skit where these two guys were insulting the crap out of each other, just ripping into each other. Then suddenly one of them says,

“Your mother.”

And the other one flips out. “Hey man, NO MOTHERS.”

You can make fun of anything you want, but don’t insult my mother!

Why are mothers so dear?

Sure, we come from their body, yes. That is important. But this feeling for our mothers is deeper than physical or practical. It is very emotional and deep – often even in the most brutish macho man. Why?

The Moon is why.

The Moon is made of our opinions, which form our desires and thus give rise to our emotions. Emotions are really difficult things. The mind is an ocean. It is an ocean of emotion – and the waves on that ocean are often extremely stormy. So mental health is always an issue. Even if you are not officially visiting the “nut house,” everyone struggles with mental health issues: trying to make inner happiness outweigh unhappiness.

Enter, your mother.

The fundamental role of a mother is to enable a child to grow up and be a human being capable of experiencing happiness inside themselves. Mothers are the people who help us navigate the waves on the ocean of our emotions. There is no one more important to our mental health and happiness. There is no one more connected to our emotions, our “heart”. That is why mothers are so important, and so dear.

A biological mother is one thing. But that is not the limit of a “mother.” In fact anyone can be your “mother,” even a male, if that person truly helps you navigate your emotions and learn how to instinctually become satisfied and happy inside.

I have to say “even a male” because it is an exception to the norm. Normally females are far more emotionally aware, and as such are far more capable of helping others navigate their emotions to mental health and happiness.  Thus the Moon in a sense represents females in general, in their role as the emotional navigators of humanity. Among females, the mother is a major archetype, and therefore we tend to say “The Moon is your mother.” But the more accurate thing to say would be, The Moon is all your emotional guides, all your sources of feminine wisdom, especially your mother.

PHASES OF THE MOON – The Origin of Rhythm

Think for a minute on everything we have learned about the moon: opinions, desires, emotions, mental health, and the guides to mental health. That list does not include the most profoundly stable things in the world, does it? Let’s take the “guides to mental health” out of it so people don’t get too angry at me! Opinions, desires, emotions, etc. These are not rock solid things. They are things which always fluctuate and change.

Watch the moon for a month. Every night make a little sketch or take a picture. Sometimes the Moon will be a huge round circle. At other times, half a circle, sometimes just a sliver, and sometimes you won’t even see her at all.

She always changes, fluctuates, just like the emotions that she generates.

There is something else you should consider. If the Moon didn’t go through the dramatic changes she goes through it would be really difficult to make a calendar! The fluctuation of the Moon is not haphazard, it is rhythmic, cyclic. It has perfect timing.

And so one lesser known thing about the Moon is that her condition in a horoscope reveals a lot about your sense of timing and rhythm.

This refers to “timing” in a general sense. But since she generates emotions the Moon can be connected to expressing emotions in a rhythmic way. You might know what I am talking about: music!

Musical skill is shared among a few planets, but the Moon is an important factor in determining musical interest and skill.


The Moon represents:

– The subjective mind: opinions, desires and emotions

– Mental health

– Mothers

– Rhythm

The Moon reflects our awareness into the relative world of dualities. This creates the “Mind.” Opinions are the fundamental building blocks of the mind. Those opinions create desires, which in turn create emotions. And so, the mind is the repository of opinions, desires and emotions.

Emotions generate our mental health and happiness.

A “mother” is the person who guides us in successfully navigating the waves of our emotions so that we can reach mentally healthy and happy destinations.

The cycles of our emotional experience create a sense of rhythm which can contribute to musical skill and a sense of timing.

All this is encoded in the sentence:

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun, illuminating the dark night in a rhythmic cycle with enchanting, calming and endearing light.

– Vic DiCara


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