Why is Astrology so Confusing?

Keenya Woods painted this wonderful picture of "confusion"The main reason astrology is so confusing is that even the people who explain it are usually pretty darn unclear about what it is.


Because Earth is only just now gradually emerging from the Age of Darkness (“Kali-yuga”). The darkness of this age creates great confusion. During this time the tropical zodiac drifted out of sync from the sidereal zodiac – and no one seemed to notice or care. Instead they tried to invent new stuff to patch up the problem. Within a few hundred years all the beautiful simplicity and basic symmetry of ancient astrology got lost in a pile of new planets, new theories, new techniques, new ideas, etc.

Astrology got really confusing.

~ * ~ * ~

“What’s your sign?” she asks.

“Uhm, I am a Leo” he says.

“Oh, I hate Leos… but, uh… you’re pretty cute!”

For most people in the age of darkness this is the depth of their exposure to Astrology. So even if they meet a person who understands astrology clearly and simply – anything that person says is still going to go flying over their heads.

In this age of darkness, even the most simple and symmetrical things about astrology strike most of us as perplexing, complex and downright confusing.

~ * ~ * ~

So let me try to explain why there is a certain amount of complexity built in to astrology. Let’s take Venus for example. Everyone loves Venus. Everyone knows that she is the planet of romance and love and relationships.

OK, then some astrologer comes along and tells you about “houses“. That confused the hell out of you, because you are lucky to have even heard about Venus before, much less to know what the houses are. But since you are really into astrology, you do some homework and try to figure out what the houses are all about.

You find out that the 7th House is about relationships.

But wait, you thought Venus was about relationships?

It’s confusing. What’s what?

Why not take Aries as another example… you will learn that Aries is bold and headstrong and self-oriented. At first you think that means that everyone you meet in a bar who answers “uhm, I’m an Aries” is going to be bold, headstrong and selfish. But later on you learn more about astrology. You learn that it is not just signs it is also planets. In fact, it is mainly about the planets.

So far so good.

Until you read about Mars… bold… headstrong… self-willed.

But wait, isn’t that supposed to be Aries?

~ * ~ * ~

What I am illustrating is that you will initially find it confusing that a single trait can be represented by more than one astrological thing. There is a very important reason why any single trait has to be represented in more than just one astrological factor: convergence.

Here is how you can understand convergence. Get one of those combination locks, the cheap ones with the three or four rows of numbers. Inside them, each row has one slot cut out, one window through which the bolt can pass so that the lock can open. When you line up all the windows, all the right numbers on the lock – then all the windows converge; they line up and provide a complete path for the bolt to pass all the way out so that the lock can open.

You can get an initial grasp on how astrology works by applying that image.

Venus represents romance, for example – when she lines up with the 7th House, which also represents romance – you get a bigger convergence regarding romance. There is a bigger opening for the energy of romance to “unlock” and come out for the person.

When things line up together in astrology, the things about them that they have in common get bigger windows of opportunity – broader access to actually come out and become real in the person’s life.

Saturn, for example, is a planet that has something to do with you career and your work. But this facet of Saturn really unlocks and comes out when Saturn is  in the 10th House. Especially if he is in the 10th House in a sign that also has a good “window” for career – like Libra or Capricorn or Taurus, for example.

Venus, for example, is about all the things which make life better and more beautiful. Put her in the 7th house – which is about relationships – and the window opens up winder for her make life better and more pleasant through romance. Put her in the 11th House – the house of enjoyment – and a different window opens up – one in which she makes life better and more pleasant through appreciation for enjoyable things like art, music, dance, etc. and through financial profits.

~ * ~ * ~

Now, I hope, you might be starting to understand astrology at a deeper level. You might be starting to understand how to read the positions in a birth chart. But please don’t forget that you are only just starting.
– Vic DiCara