The Sun: Soul, Health, Authority & Career


The Sun is the center of the entire solar system, the source of all our light and heat.

If you expand on that sentence you will understand everything the astrological Sun controls:

– The Soul

– Health

– Authority Figures

– Your Public Role / Career


Because the Sun is the central source of light, he controls “The Soul.”

What is a “soul,” anyway?

It sounds like a religious term, only because religion uses that word a lot. Consciousness, and self-awareness are less religious sounding words which pretty much mean the exact same thing as “soul.”

Consciousness is just like light, because both light and consciousness allow you to see things. When there is light, you become aware of what is around you. In the pitch black, you can not even see your own hand right in front of your face. You and I are full of this “light.” Right now you are reading these words, aware of the thoughts and images they are creating in you. You are “shining light” upon them, increasing your awareness of their meaning. At this very moment, you are aware that you exist. You can look in the mirror or look at your own hand, and be conscious of yourself.

The Sun controls the source of that awareness: which is the definition of the word “soul.” In the West, the proper name for the Sun is “Sol.”

So the Sun is your soul, and therefore:

– Your identity or “ego”

– What you are aware of and how “aware” you are.

Ego, or self-concept, is a spontaneous and natural result of being aware. Yes you can have “too much” ego. Self-absorption and “egomania” are products of a malignant astrological Sun. The natural Sun creates self-confidence and a clear sense of self.

People who talk about existing without any ego whatsoever are, to be rude, just blowing air out their asses and thinking the fart sounds “far out.” To exist as an aware being but not have an ego or identity is as possible (or desirable) as the Sun shining with darkness! Indeed the vast majority of people who set out on the path to eradicate “self” and “ego” most often wind up extremely frustrated. Why? Because it is completely unnatural. Don’t try to destroy your own identity, just purify it of selfish intention! An unselfish ego is the most beautiful thing we can become – as beautiful and bright as the Sun.


In general, living things are warm and dead things are cold. The Sun generates all the heat and warmth in the solar system. Therefore the Sun is the source of health, the fuel of life.

Have you ever noticed that light and heat are inseparable?

Light = consciousness – which comes from the soul. Heat and warmth = health. Heat always accompanies light, and visa versa. What does this tell us about the soul? The soul generates both our awareness and our vitality – just as the Sun generates all our light and heat.

What does this tell us about health?

Vitamins, minerals and exercise are definitely important for being healthy. But nothing is as important as having a “strong spirit” – a “healthy soul.”

There are many vital organs and systems in a healthy body, and the Sun relates to them all in an overall way. But there are two that the Sun most specifically controls:

– The heart: The central vital organ upon which all physical health relies.

– The bones: The central core upon which the rest of the body is built.


The Sun keeps every other planet “in line”… literally. Every planet stays “in line” with its own orbit only because of the authority of the Sun’s massive gravity. Because the Sun puts everything it its place, he generates all the authority figures:

– Governments & Kings

– Bosses

– Fathers

Anyone who commands the authority to lead others gets this power from the Sun.

Authority figures are not supposed to by tyrants. Only a malignant Sun creates tyrants and abusers. True authority figures may always be strict and stern, yes, but their purpose is loving – they wish to bring light and warmth to others. Governments, bosses, and fathers truly represent the Sun when they exercise their authority only for the sake of increasing the knowledge, awareness, experience, health and vitality of the people they are in charge of.


Since the Sun creates the light of awareness, the warmth of health and the gravity of authority it is fitting that the Sun also creates the daytime. During the day things are bright are clear, it is warm and people tend to follow the rules of authority. At night things become more unknown in the darkness, it gets chilly and we can “catch a cold,” and thieves feel far more at liberty to go about their practice.

What do most people do during most of the daytime?

They work.

During the day we go out and are seen in public. We earn money mainly so we can keep ourselves fed, sheltered, healthy. We conform ourselves to the rules and governances of our workplace. Thus the Sun, the creator of the day, controls our career.


The Sun is the source of light and therefore is the soul – which sheds “light” on things, granting us awareness of ourself and our world. This self-awareness is the core of our identity, our “ego.”

Being the source of warmth the Sun gives health. Health primarily relies on a strong spirit/soul, but is also physically centered in the heart. Strong bones are also important.

The Sun’s massive gravity puts him in the center and keeps everything else “in line,” revolving around him. Thus the Sun is the ultimate authority figure and controls all governments, bosses, leaders, and fathers.

The Sun creates the daytime – in which we work and play our visible role in society. The Sun therefore controls our career.

The Sun is the center of the entire solar system, the source of all our light and heat.

Vic DiCara

© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved