Reality Check on Astrology

I read for twins who were born about a minute apart. Their lives follow great parallels of course, but there are very significant differences now and then. Do you know why this is?

Basically it is because astrology is fantastically complex.

Here are some details: One of the twins is a boy and the other is a girl – that makes a difference. Another part of the reason is that one of the sub-divisional charts (“vargas”) has a different ascendant for each twin. You might not know what a sub-divisional chart is, right? But that is part of the point I am making! Astrology is very complicated.

The biggest reason for the difference between these twins is that the slight difference in their birth time pushes their life-cycles (“dashas”) out of sync with one another by a few days.

Why is this important?

Because transits are important. And especially important is the transit of the planets at the moment that a life cycle starts. With a few days difference at the beginning of a life cycle, the position of the Moon will be quite different, and that will create a distinctly different theme of subjective experience for the cycle that is beginning.

You probably don’t know exactly what I am talking about.

I don’t blame you. This is ridiculously complicated stuff. And that’s the point of why I am writing… to give you a reality check on just how absurdly complicated astrology actually is.

Now that is just a taste of how complicated a birth chart really is. There is other stuff that affects your life, outside of your birth chart! For example, did you know there is something called “horary astrology” (“prashna”) and something else called “electional astrology” (“muhurta”)? Did you know that this astrology is all about how your current decisions in this lifetime will affect how your destiny (“karma”) will unfold? Yep! If you make a decision one on day, with the planets in particular places, the decision will play out and affect you differently than if you made the decision on another day – when the planets were in different places.

Again, maybe you are not exactly understanding how it works.

That’s not a problem. What I hope you understand though, is how fantastically sophisticated, detailed and complex life (and therefore astrology) really is.

And now… the reality check…

Someone wants me (an astrologer) to tell them if you will get a job on Sunday or not. (Or something similarly exacting)

WOW… Can you now appreciate just how much detail I would have to go into to make an accurate prediction of this question (which 9 times out of 10 they want answered on Facebook or Yahoo!, for free, in 10 minutes!)

Can astrology predict with acceptable certainty (80-100% accuracy) if you will get your job on Sunday, or whatever it is???


By all means yes. Astrology is absolutely perfect.

Can I do it?

Maybe. I am not absolutely perfect. But I am pretty good.

Can we do it?

Yes, but how well we can do it depends… How accurate is your birth time? How willing are you to give your time and energy into a reading of this nature?

Can I do it for you in an hour?

Now it’s starting to get a little intense. We will need a good dose of blessings and divine favor to get this much work done in that short an amount of time with acceptable accuracy. But, yes, maybe we can. Two or three hours would be better.

Can I do it in 10 minutes for free on Twitter or Skype?


Are there people who will do it for you in 10 minutes for free on Yahoo/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Skype?

Yes. The real question though is, Are they any more useful than a fortune cookie?

How to Approach Astrology

You should use astrology in a way that is commensurate with the amount of effort you are willing to put into it. In many ways, but not all, “effort” equals “money.”If you are not willing to put any effort in at all, then you should utilize astrology as you would utilize a fortune cookie.

If you are willing to put a little bit of effort in, great! Ask little questions which are about general trends, and hope for general answers which can be “useful” without needing to be “accurate.”

The more effort you put it, the more detailed questions you can ask and get reasonable answers on. Like all things, astrology will give to you what you give to it. Treat it with respect, and value it’s complexity appropriately – and the universe shall unlock her secrets unto you.

– Vic DiCara