A strong Ox symbolizes Taurus. The Ox tills the land and facilitates agriculture, so it is a symbol of power and strength directed towards supporting, nourishing and providing wealth.

Taurus has great potential for beauty, creativity and physical health and strength. The intellect of those born under Taurus statistically tends to be strong but best oriented towards practical matters. They tend to have powerful voices and be relatively intelligent speakers.

Taurus bestows strong potential for tenacity and perseverance. The sign has an interesting relationship with religion. It tends to strongly prefer logical and practical philosophies and moralities over the more conventional hierarchies and routines of organized religion.

Those born under this sign have greater inherent potential to experience romantic problems incurred by uncontrolled passions. This propensity to momentarily lose all control of passions is the main reason the sign has a notorious temper: short bursts of anger, soon regretted and apologized for. Similarly, it leads to sexual and romantic decisions that are sudden, lack control, and later come to be troublesome and regretted.

– Vic DiCara