Realization of Desires – the 11th House


Parashara’s Encyclopedic Scripture of Astrology

The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Chapter 13, Verse 12

“The Eleventh House”



putra-jaayaadikasya ca

aayaM vRiddhi pashuunaaM ca



naanaa-vastu – various or especially distinct real objects and material things; bhavasya – materialization, manifestation; api – even; putra-jaayaa – wife of the child, or the 7th house from the 5th house; adikasya – etc; ca and; aayaM – income; vRiddhi – augementation, increase, growth, rise, advancements, success, fortune, happiness, financial gain & profit; pashuunaaM – agricultural animals, i.e. the instruments of economy and wealth; ca – and; bhava-sthaanaan – the house of tangible manifestations; niriikShaNaM – should examine;


Examine the “House of Tangible Manifestation” [11th House] to understand your ability to grow, increase, and profit – in all practical matters like finance, economic power, and ability to achieve the objects of your desire. You can even examine this house as if it were the 7th House for your children.


Now we will examine the house which is the Eastern neighbor of the Tenth House. The Tenth House is one of the four anchor points in the sky, and it is the center of ones role in the public world. The East represents the tangible and physical materialization of things – ones own birth in a physical body – and the material self. So the area of sky which is east of the Tenth House is the area which pertains to how our role in society produces tangible results for us. This area is the 11th House.

Growth, Gain & Profit

The Eleventh House indicates our capacity to make material progress: to increase our accounts, gain new things and make profit. Think about where this house is in the sky. It is the area just east of the Tenth House, and the Tenth House is “high noon.” So the Eleventh House is the place where the Sun and planets are all growing and getting closer and closer to their highest point in the sky above. This is the primary theme of this house: visible, tangible, growth towards our highest external potentials.

Things connected to the 11th House indicate the areas in which we are destined to make profit. Though it is said elsewhere in the astrological scriptures of India that the planet who rules the 11th House also indicates the nature of our negative greed and lust for sense gratification.

Revenue, Income

The Eleventh House shows your “income” in the sense of what tangible things come to you. The Second House also pertains to “income” in a sense, but is more about the general wealth you have as a stable foundation – often the combined wealth of your family. The Fourth House also pertains to wealth, but not “income” per se. It is more about the treasure you have safely put into deposit. So of all the houses the Eleventh House most directly indicates how much money you make at the end of the day. How much cash people pay you.

Economic Power

Most translations would list this as “quadrupeds” or maybe “cattle” or “livestock.” However at the time the original author, Sage Parashara, was speaking this verse such animals were the driving force of the economy and the main tools for deriving income. The Eleventh House has no special relationship to animals per se, but it is intimately related to ones ability to acquire economic power. The ability to gain the tools one requires to work well and get paid is controlled by this house, as is the ability to control stock and wield financial power in the modern global economy.

Achieving the Objects of Desire

This is a very important middle-level meaning of the Eleventh House that is very, very useful when interpreting horoscopes. The Eleventh House is the location where the objects of the senses materialize and become experienced. A movie theatre, for example, is the Eleventh House – because we go there and entertainment materializes before our eyes and ears, and we thus enjoy our senses and emotions. Concert halls, art galleries and museums, restaurants and bars… all these things are the Eleventh House, because they are all places we go to enjoy ourselves.

As such this house is very important to artists and entertainers, who are more or less in the business of helping people enjoy themselves.

The sage actually names the Eleventh House bhava-sthaana: “The House of Tangible Manifestation.” This shows the great importance of this theme in clearly understanding the role of the Eleventh House in a horoscope and in our lives. This is the place where our desires get realized.

Seventh House of the Fifth

The sage says that you can even take the Eleventh House from a whole different angle, and consider it to be the 7th house of your children (since it is 7 houses from the 5th house, and the 5th house is the house of children). As such you could get hints about your basic experience of the spouses your children will marry, how they will relate with others in society, etc.

Do not forget that this is a secondary theme. It is not the primary use of the Eleventh House.

– Vic DiCara

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