Gemini’s symbol varies slightly from culture to culture. In all cases there are two human beings, and in all cases they are youthful. The main difference is that in Western cultures two twins are seen as the symbol of Gemini, while Eastern Cultures consider a romantic couple to be the symbol.

We have two humans – that much is sure. Human beings are special among earthly animals because they have the ability to exchange ideas back and forth through language and advanced communications, as a result of their highly developed intelligence. The ancients chose two humans as the symbol of Gemini to inform us that intellect, speech and communication are essential powers of this sign.

The fact that these two humans are young and in some cases are lovers, shows that Gemini’s intellect and communication is fun-loving, youthful, carefree.

The most likely reason why the symbol of twins become dominant is that Gemini is the most fundamentally “dual” and multi-tasking of all the signs. Gemini explores all angles of things, never settling on one, always in search of something new to discuss, to understand, to explore, and to creatively invent.

As such, the greatest weakness of Gemini is stability and tenacity. The first hint of boredom often stops Gemini dead in her tracks. Responsibilities which feel normal to others easily become weighty burdens begrudgingly borne in Gemini. This is the main obstacle Gemini faces in achieving lasting success, recognition, and relationships.

– Vic DiCara