Astro-Transits for May 2010


April 28/29 – Mercury & Sun conjunction

Retrograde mercury will move into exact alignment with the Sun. Children born near this time have heightened potential for self-understanding, but will have challenges speaking in public without becoming nervous or feeling unqualified. Benefits will be highest when Sagittarius and Taurus are rising.

May 2/3 Jupiter enters Pisces

Persons in Jupiter cycles and subcycles (“dashas” etc) will get a general bost of prosperity as a result, specifics of which depend upon your rising sign and other factors. Persons born under Sagittarius or Pisces especially will also get overall boosts, unless Jupiter is under distress in your individual chart. Others with Jupiter in Pisces, Virgo, Cancer or Scorpio will also get some (most likely) beneficial effect from the transit.

May 9th/10th – Moon Conjoins Jupiter

The effects will vary from individual to individual (as always) depending on the conditions of Jupiter and the Moon, and their inter-relationship, in each individual’s birth chart. However, in general, this presents good opportunity for increased philosophical or moral reflection.

May 14th/15th – Sun & Venus move into new signs

At nearly exactly 30º apart from one another, both the Sun and Venus will almost simultaneously change sidereal signs. The Sun will move into Taurus, and Venus will move into Gemini. The resulting situation is unusual because the three inner planets, Sun, Mercury and Venus will each be in a separate sign (Mercury in Aries, Sun in Taurus, and Venus in Gemini). These three are most often clumped closely together in the same sign – so having them spread out in three different signs distributes their energies in a strong and balanced way. Children born during this condition (which lasts for roughly a month) are benefitted by having stronger ability to express themselves through their intellect and senses. This would be particularly beneficial to those born while Leo or Aquarius rises.

This will cause the 9 planets to occupy 7 different signs, and when the Moon is in Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius, they will be distributed to 8 different signs, which is fairly unusual and suggests a good balance of energy and stability in general in the world during these times and for newborns.

May 26th/27th – Mars finally leaves Cancer!

Mars has been debilitated in sidereal cancer for a very abnormally long period of time: since the beginning of last October! This has been quite troublesome for those with Mars cycles and subcycles (“Dashas”, “Antardashas”, etc), especially those of us with planet in all the locations that Mars primarily aspects from Cancer. Today Mars will finally get to leo, and for many of us, that lets us close the chapter on contentious feelings and events brewing and surfacing since October.


It is not possible to be “accurate” giving generalized “predictions” such as these. This is because each and every individual has a different astrological configuration in their birth chart – and therefore the same exact current transit will effect different people in different ways. Real accuracy and reliability can only be hoped for in one-to-one consultations with capable astrologers who can interpret the transits in reference to your personal birth chart.

Nonetheless I have tried to bring out some general themes of the transits for May, 2010 and phrase them in such a way that you do not lose sight of the fact that they are not personal interpretations for you, but general observations of potentials.

– Vic DiCara