Rohini – Lunar Mansion in Taurus


Here is a more concise description of the lunar mansion called Rohini, which is the red star Aldebaran and covers 6 1/3º – 20º of sidereal Taurus.

This mansion has two symbols. The first is an ox-drawn cart carrying an abundance of delicious and nutritious foods from the fields. The second is a banyan tree growing tremendously and creating vast shade. Brahma, the creator of the universe, is the god of this mansion. The Moon is the planet who owns this mansion.

What does all that tell us about Rohini? It is the mansion most naturally abundant in creativity, growth, and abundance of emotion!

Therefore she earns her name “Rohini” which indicates a blushing, rosy lady – another symbol illustrating plentitude of fertility, creativity, and strong emotions.

– Vic DiCara