The moon covers 27 areas of the sky in the course of a month. The sun covers 12 areas of the sky in the course of a year. Therefore there are 12 zodiac signs and 27 lunar mansions. The zodiac signs of the sun are UNITED with the mansions of the moon by the number NINE. If you divide the 12 signs into 9 equal portions it will equally divide the 27 mansions into 4 portions. No other simple number would accomplish this. Therefore the zodiac, the sky – the field of activity in which human beings actually play out the karmas of their life – actually exists in 108 parts. 12 signs divided into 9 portions = 108 total portions in the zodiac. Also, 27 mansions divided into 4 portions = 108 total sections of life.

Therefore the number 108 represents the totality of human experience, beginning with our decent into illusion and ending with our return to enlightenment.

– Vic DiCara