Freewill and Destiny are the Same


A child does some things right and some things he does wrong, correct? The parent must correct the wrong things and encourage the right things. We are the children, the universe is our mother. She is in charge of seeing that we “grow up” correctly.

What does it mean for a living entity, a child of mother nature, to “grow up” – it means to attain our full potential as beings. It means to become enlightened. Our Mother, who has kindly manifested this entire material universe for our education and for our growth, is in charge of seeing that we grow up properly.

We are living beings, not dead bodies. We move from one body to the next in the same way that we change clothing from one day to the next. Our “growing up” does not occur within the blink of an eye that is a lifetime. It occurs over the course of billions, uncountable, lifetimes. Our dear Mother is in charge of this. She is in charge of helping us grow through all these changes of form and changes of body.

How does she help us grow up? The same way any mother does – she corrects her children when they do wrong things, and encourages them when they do right things.

What is right? What is wrong?

It is simple. It is much simpler than philosophers advertise. The less selfish a thing is, the more “right” it is. The more selfish a thing is, the more “wrong” it is.

There is nothing to debate there.

So our mother, the great universe herself, helps us grow up to become enlightened beings by correcting our more selfish trends, and rewarding our less selfish trends. This process unfolds as much or more on a subconscious level as it does on a conscious level. Therefore it is meaningless that the conscious mind may or may not recall what they have or have not done in past lives to get the treatment their mother is giving them in this life. The conscious mind is only a 10th of our mental being. And generally the mother also arranges her corrections and rewards in such a way that their meaning and purpose and causes are fairly obvious to the conscious mind with a little simple imagination and reflection.

People describe the way our mother raises us as “the law of karma.” It is a mistake. It is not a “law.” It is love. It is a mother’s love for her children that makes her care enough about them to take care of them and exert the tremendous effort required to reward and correct them. Nevertheless, what we call “karma” is exactly this – the Universal Mother rewarding our good deeds and correcting our bad deeds.

Karma is not, not, not, not, never could be, and never was “pre-destination.”

Each and every child has a mind of his own, a will of her own. She makes her own decisions constantly, all the time, without cessation. If the child was simply a robot, acting according to the way it was previously programmed to act, then the whole concept of rewarding and punishing the way the robot acts would be an absolute meaningless farce. It would be the programmer of the robot who should be rewarded or punished, not the robot. Children are not robots, and they never ever will be. They are living beings with souls, minds, wills of their own. They make their own decisions.

The only reason karma even exists is BECAUSE freewill exists. If (which is impossible), but if you could delete freewill, karma would delete itself as well. A child is rewarded or punished because of what they do. Not because of what they are told to do. If a child came up to you and spat in your face, you would become mad at the child, naturally. If the child suddenly told you that his brother made him do it under threat of brotherly torture – you would suddenly lose nearly every ounce of anger towards the child who spat at you, and would likely proceed in a rampage towards the nefarious brother.

This illustrates that it is only the person who originates the action that is ultimately responsible for it’s reward or punishment. Our actions do not originate from the stars or from destiny. We must stop blaming other people and things for the mistakes we have made ourselves, and the corrections we are now undergoing as a result! Our actions originate from no where other than our own freewill.

Freewill is the essential quality of a living being.

The living beings who are still children are under the care of the Universal Mother.

She is raising us by correcting selfish (“wrong”) use of our freewill and rewarding our its selfless (“right”) use. Human beings call her behavior “karma.”

The silly child gets mad at a mother who punishes him. A wise child knows his mother’s benevolence and learns the lessons as well as he can, thereby growing into a happy and strong adult.

– Vic DiCara



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