Bad Planets?

Ultimately there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” because at the highest level of looking at things the universe is only moving us towards a better destination. But these words – “good” and “bad” do have meaning because the universe helps us forward in two ways:

  1. By rewarding what we have done right, and
  2. By punishing what we have done wrong

The rewards nature holds for us feel like the “good” things in our lives. The punishments feel like the “bad” things. Actually both are beyond good and bad because they are evolving us forward towards a more enlightened experience of life.

“Bad planets” in your horoscope are the ones which hold lessons for us which are not going to be handed on a silver platter, but which we have to struggle with in some way. They are teaching us through negative reinforcement.

“Good planets” in your horoscope are the ones that hold our rewards. They teach us through positive reinforcement.

Good planets come in and drop candy on our laps, more or less. Bad planets make us go out and work for the money to buy candy. Either way, we are going to wind up eating chocolate if we are simply thankful and receptive to all of our planets.

– Vic DiCara


  1. Anna says:

    Besides your research and knowledge, you have the ability to express it in multiform manners that gets
    into the core of the matter and the heart of the searcher. I’m going to take your lesons from the very beginning
    even when I think that I already know “something” about it…I have been involved in Astrology since I had notice
    of it….for me you are like the FOUNTAIN that your SUN-SIGN signals…and your ASCENDANT my Sun-Sign.
    See you in classes!


    1. vicdicara says:

      Thank you Anna. I am really looking forward to our classes!


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