Wealth and Poverty


dhana-dhaanyaM kuTumbAsh ca

mrityu-jaalam amitrakam

dhaatu-ratnaadikaM sarvaM

dhana-sthaanaan niriikShayet

dhana – wealth, valued things, supportive things; dhaanya – food, grains, nutrition; kuTumba – family; ca – and; mrityu – death; jaalam – a web, net, network; amitraka – enemies; dhatu – ore, metal, previous metals; ratna – jewels; adi – etc.; sarvaM – all; dhana-sthaanaan – the house / country of wealth; nirikShayet – should examine.

The “House of Wealth” [2nd House] reveals all sources of supportive things, such as wealth, money, food & nutrition, and family. Conversely it reveals snares, enemies, and causes of death.


The Second House is physically below the First House in the sky. The First House is the constellation around the Eastern horizon, and the Second House is the constellation just below the Eastern horizon, next to rise. Just like a tall building must have a strong foundation just beneath it, our First House cannot flourish without the foundation of a strong Second House.

The First House is our physical body and tangible, practical life. These things can not be strong for us unless we have “wealth.” This is why the author, Parashara, names the Second House the “House of Wealth(dhana-sthaana). Our physical, practical life cannot stand tall without a strong and stable foundation of wealth (dhana).

What is “wealth”?

Silver, gold, diamonds and pearls (dhaatu-ratnaadikam sarvam) are certainly wealth, yes. If we have ample money, our practical life becomes easy and enjoyable.

But the sage author names these last of all, signifying that they are the least important type of wealth. The most important type of wealth is health – which comes from good food and nutrition (dhaanya). With good food, our physical body becomes strong and healthy.

The next most important type of wealth is the support network we have in our family, and by extension our friends (kuTumba). Our family and friends are the strong foundation on which we can build our own lives.

If the Second House is weak, there is “poverty” and our physical body and tangible life suffers lack of support.

The worst sort of poverty is malnutrition, which leads to premature death (mrityu). The next most terrible poverty is a lack of family, resulting in our being surrounded by a network of enemies (amitra). Finally, there is simple financial poverty, which catches us in a sticky cobweb of rat-race snares (jAla).

In summary, the Second House reveals our wealth (the things which nourish, support, and strengthen us, like food, money and family). Weakness in this house conversely reveals our poverty (malnourishment & death, enemies and snares).

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