Relationships Between the Planets


The planets have 2 types of relationships – one I call a “relationship” and the other I call the “mood”. The relationship is permanent (नैसर्गिक) and the mood is a temporary modification (तत् कालिक) of the permanent relationship.

The relationship between Mars and Mercury is one of the interesting non-mutual relationships among the planets. Mars feels neutral towards Mercury, but Mercury dislikes Mars. This is because Passion (Mars) needs the skills of Intelligence (Mercury) for it to achieve it’s goals – so although passion does not love the intellectual brain, it can at least tolerate it neutrally and for practical purposes. The intellect (Mercury), however, really does not feel like it benefits at all by passions (Mars), which only cloud and confuse its objective functioning. Therefore Mercury just doesn’t like Mars at all.

This is an example of the permanent relationship between two planets. Now here is how the temporary mood affects the permanent relationship.

If the two planets involved in a relationship are at a good distance (which means “not too close” – not in the same sign – and “not too far away either” – not 5 or more signs away) then they get into a better temporary mood regarding their mutual understanding and cooperation. This would improve their relationship a “notch”.

So if (for example) Mercury is in Gemini while Mars is in Leo, this means that they are 3 signs apart, which means they are a “good distance” which improves their mood. So that means that Mars improves a notch his feelings towards Mercury from just being “tolerant” to actually being “friendly”, and Mercury improves a notch his feelings towards Mars from being “inimical” to being “tolerant / neutral.”

In this way the actual functioning relationship between the nine planets is slightly different from individual to individual.

– Vic DiCara