The Seventh House – An Ancient Explanation


The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Chapter 13, Verse 8

“The Seventh House”

jaayaam-adhva-prayaaNaM ca

vaanijyaM naShTa-viikShaNam

maraNaM ca svadehasya


jaayaam – wife/spouse; adhva – journey, roads, travels; prayaaNaM – departures toward destinations and finalities; ca – and; vaaNijyaM – traffic, trade, commerce; naShTa-vikShaNam – vanishing from sight; maraNaM – death, dying, passing away; ca – and; sva-dehasya – to ones body; jaayaa-bhaavaan – the house of the spouse; nirikShayet – should examine.

The “House of Spouse” [Seventh House] reveals ones spouse, travels, destinations, exchanging with others, disappearing from sight, and ones physical death.


The Seventh House is the area of sky which is directly opposite from the First House. The zodiac constellation rising over the Eastern horizon creates the First House, and thus the opposite zodiac constellation, the one that is setting on the Western horizon creates the Seventh House. The Seventh House governs everything that is opposite to what the First House governs.

The First House primarily represents the self. The Seventh House reveals our “opposite half” – the “other self” – the spouse. The fact that the author, Parashara, actually names the house “House of Spouse” (jaayaam-bhaavaan) underscores that this is the main thing to be understood by examining the house.

Besides the spouse, the Seventh House represents all “other” people in our lives: the public, and therefore reveals our ability to interact with the public, trade, exchange and make commerce with them (vaaNijyaM).

The First House is where the stars come into the visible sky as they rise. Therefore the First House represents the birth of the visible self – the physical body. The Seventh House represents the opposite, the death of the visible self (maraNaM sva-dehasya). It pertains to the process of things disappearing from view (naShTa-vikShaNam) – like the Sun setting in the West.

The First House is the origin point, the Seventh is the destination (prayaaNaM). It also reveals the traveling required to get to the destination (adhva).

– Vic DiCara

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