Astrology of Your Chakras

A human being has seven “wheels” (the literal meaning of chakra) which spin around like motors generating “electricity” which the body operates on. Each chakra produces energy for a specific function. The planets are situated in each of the seven chakras as illustrated in the diagram below. Each planet empowers it’s chakra with the energy it needs to “spin” and thus generate a particular kind of energy in a person.

You should make yourself very familiar with which planet is in which chakra.

The Sun and Moon are the sources of awareness and light. They therefore empower the mental chakra between the eyebrows, which gives us the power of awareness.

Mercury, planet of communication, empowers the chakra in the throat connected to speech. Venus, the planet of love, empowers the chakra in the heart, connected to compassion. Mars, the planet of energy, empowers the chakra in the stomach, connected to digestion. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, empowers the chakra in the pelvis, connected to reproduction. Saturn, the planet of limitation, empowers the final chakra at the bottom of the trunk, which holds in all the organs.

Rahu and Ketu are not in the chakras, they are instead the channels which act like electric cables allowing energy to flow up and down between the chakras and throughout the body.

You may notice that the 7th chakra, the topmost chakra is not occupied by a planet. It is represented as the pure Sun without contact with the Moon. This chakra creates the energy to comprehend purely spiritual phenomena, which is a subject that transcends karma or astrology. As such this chakra is not astrologically active.

The Solar System of Inner Space

  • Saturn – the foundation planet, time itself forms the root chakra which holds the internal organs above it in place.
  • Jupiter – the growth and expansion planet forms the naval chakra which allows procreation and pleasure and is the source of all our ability to grow (kundalini-energy)
  • Mars – the energetic planet creates the solar plexus chakra which provides the fires of digestion
  • Venus – the planet of sensitivity, creates the heart chakra which provides sensitivity to love, bringing about harmony and peace
  • Mercury – the planet of intellect, creates the throat chakra which provides the intellect’s main tool: speech.
  • The Moon and Sun – the source and reflection of awareness, create the mind chakra, through which we have cognition.
  • Rahu and Ketu – are the channels down the right and left sides of the body through which the energy of the chakras flows.

– Vic DiCara


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