The 12th House: Sex, Drugs and Enlightenment

The 12th house is the place where the material world is dissolved and becomes nothing. It is the place of moksha (liberation & enlightenment), therefore. It holds the ability to unravel all the lies and illusions of physical “reality.”

Because this house reveals physical reality to be, more or less, a “hoax,” – when we go into this house it is very easy to get depressed. Nothing that is supposed to normally be fun or exciting or enjoyable seems like it is worth anything. It all doesn’t even seem real. This is how the 12th house promotes an interest in libration. But this interest has to carefully evolve before it actually has a spiritual and beneficial outcome.

Fantasy & Dreams

The first outcome of seeing the real world to be a fake world, is that one is “liberated” or “freed” to invent new “realities.” Therefore when we spend time in this 12th House we start to really like, for example, fantasy tales. Some get interested in tales of elves and dragons and faeries. Others absorbed in science fiction of and far off worlds. Others come up with or are attracted to other dream-like ideas.

Deep Fantasy – Drugs

If we spend longer in this house, that same urge will push us even further – we will get more radical about it. Instead of just reading stories of fantasy worlds, we will start to put ourselves IN fantasy worlds. We will make up fake names for ourselves in our heads and have fake adventures, etc. Soon we will realize that alcohol and other drugs are FANTASTIC tools for this purpose. We will start to use these drugs to help us enter fantasy worlds to a previously unobtainable level.

Essentially when we enter the 12th House we realize that the real world is not real. We feel the impulse to ERASE this fake “real world” and replace it with real “fake worlds.”

This is actually the very seed of spiritual emancipation – oddly enough. It is odd that the seed of spiritual enlightenment blooms first through fairy tales, daydreams, orgasms and intoxications! But all of these are the same thing – they are all the attempt to erase the fake real world and replace it with something better, more interesting, more exciting.

Temporary Relief: Orgasm

The 12th house is also the home of human orgasm. The human experience of orgasm is so attractive because it provides easy access to a state in which the fake world completely disappears and becomes meaningless and all we perceive is a better, more interesting, more exciting reality of pleasure.

Unfortunately it lasts for only 10 seconds, or maybe a few minutes if you are a complete master of it. Not exactly an eternal solution.

Same is true for drugs. The better, more interesting and more exciting realities they DO provide to us have one flaw… they don’t persist past a few hours at best. Same goes for all the other fantasies that we dream up here in the 12th House.


If we “meet the right people” in the 12th House (in other words if the right planets are here, and the right planetary influences) we can be lucky enough to actually realize this while we are living here; we will actually realize that replacing one temporary illusion with another is only marginally an improvement at best. If we have very good karma and are very fortunate, the 12th House is actually the only truly “good house” in the horoscope – because if we are lucky we can, as a result of our stay here, meet a guide who can help us TRULY “delete” our illusions about the manifest world, and PERMANENTLY replace those illusions with a reality which is infinitely better, more interesting, more exiting – and full of pleasure.

This is why the same 12th House that is responsible for daydreams, drugs, and sex is also the house from which the purest saints of the highest order of enlightenment emerge.

– Vic DiCara



  1. Jayananda says:

    When Prabhupad would preach to the hippies (drug addicts and love makers) it seems to be more affective that he made devotees from that culture like Vishnujana Swami also who was a crazy hippie into a saintly amazing being.

    Explains a lot from this article why druggies become spiritual inclined.


    1. vicdicara says:

      I agree. But it is also why a person who wants to extract the moksha (enlightenment) power from life needs to be very careful and conscious about his or her relationship to other forms of escapism, which dilute the power by diverting it from the pure and real escape of moksha.


  2. nso says:

    I just love the way you described the 12th house because i feel that this is so true! I have the sun and mercury, both in gemini and in the 12th house and i can relate to this… I’m just happy that i don’t do drugs or drink alcohol to escape the real world, i can’t do that without it!


  3. bhavani says:

    thank you for this article. I have never quite heard such an apt description of the 12th hse. You have explained the so often contradicting qualities of the 12th house as well as its pull on us so well. Thank you. I think I have a little clearer picture now of what the 12th house encompasses. Please keep writing!


    1. vicdicara says:

      thank you very much


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