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Why Astrology Works

The planets are not just distant globes floating out in space, appearing in the sky as dots of light. That is merely the visual dimension of “planets.” On a deeper level, we are actually made of the planets, and the planets are us!

Planets don’t “influence” you, only you influence you. Every single thing you do creates your future, and every single thing you have done in the past creates your “now.”

Every time you act the planets witness you – not just because they are up in the sky, but because they are the very molecules and brainwaves of your being. The planets then hold tightly to the reaction that you earn from your actions. They hold it carefully until the right moment comes to reward or punish you with that reaction.

That’s what “Karma” is, and that’s how it works.

When you are born – the planets are in extremely unique configurations in the sky. This configuration is simply a code – a symbolic version of the karma that will be coming due in this lifetime. An astrologer knows how to read that code and advise you on how to best pursue your goals in light of your karma.

When Astrology Works

Astrology will “work” for you – will be an extremely positive factor in your life – only when you understand what karma really is.

Karma is a word often used and seldom understood. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” Newton noted in the physical world. Expand that concept to include the interactions between living beings – that’s “karma.”

Karma is a beutifully symmetrical marriage of “destiny” and “freewill”. We have freewill by our very nature as living beings. But we are also responsible for what we do with that freewill. You can choose to do anything that you want, but the universe will hold you accountable and responsible – for better or worse – for the results of whatever you choose to do. That is how “destiny” is born from freewill! We have made countless free decisions in the past, through this and countless previous lifetimes. The universe holds our rewards and punishments for the actions we took as a result of those decisions – and those rewards and punishments are the definitiion of “destiny.”

An astrology chart is a blueprint of what karmic reactions are due to manifest in your current life. You cannot reallly change your destiny, because it is a result of your own free choices from your own past. There are ways in which destiny can be adjusted somewhat, it is true. But by and large, destiny is unalterable.

But trying to change your destiny is missing the whole point! You create your own destiny! So the real purpose of astrology is to help you understand the destiny you are experiencing now as a result of your previous actions, and – most importantly – to help you positively change what you do with your destiny right now! For what you choose to do with your destiny, right now in the present, will change the destiny that you will experience in the future!

How Astrology Works

Basically there are 3 essential elements in the karmic “code” of a horoscope:

  1. The Planets
  2. The Signs
  3. The Houses

The Planets are the center of it all. They are the shining light. The signs are colored lenses that the light of the planets shine through. The houses are the areas of life that this light then falls on and illuminates.

From Earth, we see the planets move through the signs – the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. At the same time, while the earth spins the whole sky, the planets in their constellations, appear to rise in the east, move through the sky, set in the west and move underfoot to rise again the next day.

Astrology divides the 360º sky into 12 sections called “houses”. Because Vedic Astrology has an accurate zodiac, it can use a very fundamental and basic system of calculating houses: The constellation (“sign”) rising over the Eastern horizon when you were born is “1st House” (sometimes called the “Ascendant” or the “Rising Sign”). Then next constellation in the zodiac order is then the 2nd House, etc. So, for example, if Aries was rising on the Eastern horizon when you were born then Aries creates your 1st House, Taurus creates your 2nd House, Gemini creates your 3rd House, etc.

– Vic DiCara



  1. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the great article Vic.

    Random question since I didn’t know where to ask this.

    Can a chaotic force like Rahu that influences a weak Mars cause conditions such as hemorrhoids, boils and other blood-related growths? Mars is known to rule blood and muscle. In my Rahu-Mars period thus far, I am experiencing such painful symptoms.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Well, anything can happen under the right influences. Mars is mainly the bone-marrow actually. But yes there are other significations. Rahu deals with inner things moving outward. Therefore evacuation of the body correlates to Rahu and to Saturn (whom Rahu is quite a lot like). Mars in general is a painful injury. So yes there is *potential* in any Rahu/Mars combination for injury to the evacuatory system.


  2. Stephen says:


    Ugghhh why is this part of my karma? =/ (rhetorical question)


  3. Gopamurti says:

    Vic Di Cara, mis respetos. No sé si lees algo de español. Tengo alguna preguntita sobre Ekadasi. Y cómo trabaja la astrología védica en relacion a la occidental.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Gopamurti Said: “Vic Di Cara, my respects. I do not know if you read some Spanish. I have one little question on Ekadasi. And how Vedic astrology works in relation to the West. Thank you.”

      My Reply: I don’t really read Spanish but I can use Google translate. Please ask your questions and I will see if and how I can answer them. Thank you.

      Which Google translates as “Realmente no leer en español, pero puedo utilizar Google traducir. Por favor haga sus preguntas y voy a ver si y cómo las puedo contestar. Gracias.”


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