7th Lord in the 5th House

Here are some probable indications imparted when the lord of the 7th House (marriage) occupies the 5th House (creativity).

NOTE: You cannot read a horoscope from one factor alone. The 7th lord being in the 5th house will contribute definite effects, however, to the rest of the indications in the birth chart.

a) one wants a smart / creative spouse;

b) marriage is helped or hindered (depending on status of planet) significantly by having children;

c) one tends to relate to others on a primarily intellectual, idea-oriented platform and/or (depending on specific planet and signs involved) deals with society through creative expressions and arts;

d) One is prone to gamble or take risks with whom one relates to – non-conservative/ discerning in choosing friends and partners.

– Vic DiCara




  1. Visvamitra says:

    Can you post about 7th Lord Saturn in 3rd house which is exalted and retro?


    1. vicdicara says:

      not likely i will get into that sort of specific detail on a blog.


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