Stereotypes: Male vs. Female / Malefic vs. Benefic

Male and Female are equally blessed and cursed. Neither is better than the other. Both have to struggle to unlock the blessings in their curses. Women, due to being made from water and earth, exist on a very deep level. A woman would be shocked to enter the being of a man and see how simple and clear cut everything appears, you could say “shallow, and superficial” actually. Men are made, astrologically speaking, from fire and air. A man would be just as shocked to enter the being of a woman and experience how deep and connected and “feeling” everything appears – again you could use the typical words “confusing and self-absorbed” (where the word “self” refers to things deep inside).

There is good reason for this difference: men and women have different roles to play. Of course this is stereotypical and actual individuals should be encouraged to deviate from the norm so that the human race grows. But as a basis you can understand the different roles of men and women by contemplating the fact that every earth or water sign, that is, every female sign, is “benefic”; and every fire or air sign – every male sign – is “malefic.”

Now we are REALLY dealing with strong stereotype words! Male vs. Female. Malefic vs. Benefic. That’s good. We don’t improve anything by ignoring it. I think modern society is trying to become better by ignoring stereotypes, but maybe we would make more progress by really trying to deeply understand them.

We will gain a lot of knowledge of Male and Female in the world, as well as the concept of “Malefic” and “Benefic” in astrology when we come to understand these stereotypes deeply. A deep understanding of a stereotype transforms it from a rigid and limiting dogma into a fluid and vibrant means of greater understanding.

We need malefic forces in our horoscope (yes, I said, “need” – they are actually desirable) for the same reason that we need men in the world. Malefics are not careful, not very smart, not particularly kind either – but they get things done. “Malefic” astrological forces are the ones with the “muscle.” They have the strength to get things done. They are valued for their ability to get the dirty work done: earning sustenance, protecting against enemies, taking out the garbage, these are the fire and air energies of Mars and Saturn – the “malefics”. It is also the fundamental role of those who are made of fire and air, men.

The Sun is the archetype male at his best.

We need benefic forces for the same reason why the world needs women. Benefics bring peace, happiness, beauty and enjoyment – and they allow higher and deeper things to flourish: knowledge and mutual understanding. “Benefic” astrological forces are the ones with the “heart.” They have insight, knowledge, and higher values. They can direct and inspire the malefic forces not to compete and kill each other endlessly but to work for good goals. Jupiter and Venus, embodying water/earth combinations, are examples of these benefic forces. The benefic force in human society is the woman, made as she is of earth and water.

The Moon is the archetype female benefic.

Nothing is entirely good nor bad. Malefics forces (men, for example) have a tendency to be violent, harsh, unfeeling, and selfish. These are all traits which astrology attributes to the dark side of the malefic planets – Saturn, Mars and the Sun. Benefic forces (women, for example) have the tendency to lack decisiveness and clarity; to be unsure of their own strength; and to have an inordinate need for being pampered and comforted. These are also traits which astrology attributes to the negative side of the benefic planets – Jupiter, Venus and the Moon.

Male and Female must mutually support one another in society. In fact in very great spiritual persons you will usually find an obvious integration of male and female energies within a single person – we call this a “balanced yin and yang” usually. It makes an individual great in the same way a society which equally balances and supports men and women becomes truly outstanding in history.

In an astrological birth chart, we also hope to find the malefics being guided by sensitivity of the benefics with the benefics being supported by the strength of the malefics. This usually translates into seeing the malefic planets having aspects from the benefic ones while they are in houses which correlate to the individuals “muscle” and “strength.” But this is only one example of infinite possibilities.

I hope that by contemplating this information with an open mind you will come to deeper and deeper understandings of the mutual roles of men and women, and the importance and value in astrology of both the benefics and the malefics.

– Vic DiCara



  1. carlos says:

    My opinion is that the configuration on the map will result if the planet is malevolent or beneficial, each planet is originally neutral, are necessary parts that can be used in myriad ways…


    1. vicdicara says:

      I think you are saying that the planets are neither benefic nor malefic, they just get into good or bad situations based on their placement in a chart. I agree that the placement in the chart will exacerbate or modify their inherent nature – but disagree that they have no inherent benefic or malefic nature.

      You must remind yourself that if you hold on to this opinion of yours you are going against thousands of years of sages and seers who have plainly and directly said exactly the opposite.


  2. carlos says:

    we can not see things this way. You have your point of view to astrology, which I like. Precisely for that submissive behavior passed thousands of years and continues to astrology in the shadow of what it is, a perfect clock.

    But, if you agree with malefic and benefic nature, ok, you have more studies. 🙂

    For example, is illogical to call the planets natural malefic and beneficial, when a simple rule on the ascendant, evil “natural” become beneficial… this situation is very simple.

    the best way is categorized as male and female. active and passive is better.
    at bottom, is active, male and passive, female. I think it’s best to see things from the viewpoint of the magician and magic, one is for the other, each part has the other needs, to complement

    “Precisely for that submissive behavior passed thousands of years and continues to astrology in the shadow of what it is, a perfect clock.”

    I think I was somewhat rude 😦

    I want to understand that I give much value to Vedic astrology, is a treasure, but you must understand the reason for my comment, better than me 🙂


    1. vicdicara says:

      The whole point of this article is to show the meaning of “benefic” and “malefic” and explain the true inner significance and how both benefic and malefic planets have positive and negative roles in life.

      You are getting hung up on wording which is quite superficial. You must read these articles and astrology in general much deeper than what you are currently doing. You missed the entire point of the article which is that “malefic” does not equal “evil.”

      As a passing comment on superficial wording, “benefic” and “malefic” are English words from the west. In Vedic astrology the terminology is Saumya and Krura – which means “gentle” and “harsh.”


  3. carlos says:

    I understand. my reaction was misdirected, because basically we agree. As you know, there are many astrologers who considered “good” and “bad” in the literal sense. I understand your explanation is to clarify. A good step would be to change the nomenclature.


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