Textbook Vedic Astrology – Scary Like Cholesterol?


The stuff written in Vedic astrology text is meant for TEACHERS of astrology, not directly for learners or laypeople. The statements are always extreme, because they depend on the expertise of the teacher to modify and apply in the context of a specific chart of a given individual. That’s why reading these things directly is counter-productive, unless you yourself are an accomplished astrologer.

They are genuine descriptions – but they are descriptions of the condition at it’s absolute extreme. Which, though genuine, is not REALISTIC, because the context of the real world is never as cut and dry and extreme as a textbook. It is something similar to medical descriptions of something like cholesterol. “Cholesterol will kill you by clogging your arteries, thereby exhausting your heart and causing cardiac arrest.” This is genuine, it is true. But it is out of context. How much cholesterol is the person eating? This is part of the context not given in the textbook description. What else is the person doing in terms of lifestyle and exercise to counterbalance the effects of the cholesterol? This is another context etc. etc.

It rests upon doctors, and astrologers, to actually apply the true and genuine textbook descriptions and definitions in the correct context for a given individual.

– Vic DiCara