Birth Stones & Beyond


In the West we have something we call “birth stones” – the concept that a particular gemstone is “yours” based on your zodiac sign. The logic behind this is that specific crystalline structures amplify the ketheric resonance of specific planets. So, a ruby, for example, amplifies the astrological energy of the Sun – and therefore people born in the Sun’s zodiac sign, Leo, should wear a ruby.

This is great in theory, but is inaccurate mainly because (a) it is only based on the position of the Sun, which is not of primary importance to an individual, and (b) it is based on the tropical zodiac, which is significantly inaccurate.

True Sun Stone

A small step better than would be to specify the ideal stone for a person using the accurate sidereal zodiac. Thus you could prescribe your “true sun stone.”

Emotional Stone

Still another small step in the right direction would be to use the Moon instead of the Sun, because the Moon is much more relevant to the subjective individual. So using the Moon’s position in the sidereal zodiac on the date of birth, we can prescribe their “emotional stone”.

Personal Stone

A much bigger step in the right direction, is to use neither the Sun nor the Moon, but the Ascendant, which is the most unique and individual factor in astrology, and therefore the most relevant to individual persons as opposed to generalized groups. Using the Ascendant’s position in the sidereal zodiac (the “Vedic Rising Sign”) we can prescribe a very individualized “personal stone.” Which will help the person maximize their receptiveness to their own strengths.

…and Beyond

Any of the above prescriptions can be made simply and quickly without any detailed personal consultation or reading.

There are more sophisticated prescriptions of gemstones to address particular issues, desires, or eras in a personal life, as well. These do require the personal interpretation of an astrological reading.

– Vic DiCara