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I finally finished a huge project!

I wanted to show how Vedic Astrology works, and at the same time I wanted to show who Krishna is. So I took Krishna’s horoscope and explained how to read it.

This was a project that spanned 3 months, and took over 200 hours of effort, easily. It resulted in three “Episodes” of my video show – amounting to over an hour of finished video. It involved me, my older son, my wife, my family’s temple, my office, and the local holy city. It was a LOT of fun.

My intended audience was everyone – that’s not easy. So maybe I was too ambitious. I know that very few of you will be able to follow all of it, or “get” it all at first, but I hope that every one of you will be able to get something, something deep and important. I hope you truly enjoy it.

Part 1 – God’s Horoscope – Introduces Krishna as a Vishnu Avatar with the mission of upholding the good and overthrowing the bad in human society. It introduces the astrological concepts of the many fine divisions within a single sign (“Vargas”), and the planetary alignments called “yogas” – specifically the “Raja-Yoga.”

Part 2 – Layers of Identity – Introduces the psychology of cumulative layers of identity, and explains how an astrological chart describes these layers for an individual. I apply these principals to Krishna’s chart to demonstrate that he was a non-dual, completely unified spiritual being:

Part 3 – Rhythms of the Planets – is the longest and most ambitious. It introduces chronological or “predictive” principles of Vedic astrology, specifically the cycles (“Vimshottari Dasha”). I go through the life story of Krishna and show how these cycles manifested the various significant events in each stage of his life.

I really hope that you will enjoy all this fully!

Here is the home page for my video show. Now that I’ve completed this project you can look forward to me going back to basics!!! I am going to do an 8 part series describing all the fundamental, basic principles of astrology.

– Vic DiCara


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