Hair & Beauty Care by the Vedic Moon

The Moon has a huge effect on our beauty. Simply put, the Moon is the most dazzling and beautiful object in the Sky. She is more beautiful than even the Sun – who is just too bright and therefore hides the beauty of all the other planets and stars. The Moon’s brilliance is just right to create a wondrous vision in the sky – the most beautiful vision possible.

The Moon generates all the fluidic-tissue in your body (in Vedic medicine this is called the kapha principle). Jupiter and Venus assist the Moon in this task. Beautiful skin, hair, nails and teeth all result from strong and healthy fluidic-tissue / kapha.

There are 4 days in each Lunar month with are best for hair and beauty care. These are the 3rd and 8th days of both the waxing and waning cycles.

This means I need to explain the lunar calendar. But I want to do it quickly and simply – a lunar month starts on the new Moon – the day you can not see the Moon at all. Then, for the next 15 days the Moon gets brighter and brighter till on the 15th day she is completely full. These are the 15 days of the “bright” half of the lunar month (called the shukla half in Vedic terms). Then the same thing happens in reverse: you get 15 days during which the Moon gets less and less bright, so that on the 15th day the Moon is totally dark and a new month starts. (This is called the krishna half of the month in Vedic terms).

Now that you know that. Let’s get back to these good beauty care days…

  1. 3 days after a new moon
  2. 8 days after a new moon
  3. 3 days after a full moon
  4. 8 days after a full moon

These 4 days are perfect days for beauty care. You will get far better results if you cut/treat your hair, do your nails, take care of your skin, etc. on these days.

The 3rd day is better than the 8th. The 8th day is good for taking care of your personal health overall, and cosmetic health is one part of that. But the 3rd day is specifically good for cosmetic stuff.

The 3rd day in the bright half of the lunar month (thats the 3rd day after the new moon) is probably the “best” day to cut your hair, etc. If you trim your ends on this day, your hair growth will accelerate gradually. The more you keep this schedule the more you will see the results.

The 3rd day in the dark half of the month (3rd day after the full moon) is better if you really aren’t looking for length but are more interested in strength. Trimming your hair, etc. on this day will strengthen the folicles and make the hair thicker and stronger. Same is true for nails.

OK, now get out there and hit those salons!

– Vic DiCara



  1. Sudevi He says:

    so can you please tell me what the sanskrit words for 3rd & 8th are so I can know what to look for in my Jagannath Hora software? maybe a tithi description chart? thank you so much.


    1. vicdicara says:

      The Sanskrit for for “third day” is TRITTIYA. And for “eighth day” is ASHTHAMI.

      People who don’t have access to accurate lunar calendars, you can generally be pretty assured if you just look on a calendar for the new moon and full moon and count 3 and 8 days after each and mark those days. This wont always be totally accurate, but will be the vast majority of times. And since it’s not life or death (just beauty or ugly 😉 you are pretty safe with that amount of accuracy.

      If you want to always get the right 3rd and 8th day, you’ll need to get an accurate lunar calendar, preferably a vedic one.


  2. Is the 3rd day after the new moon, that falls under the zodiac sign of Aries, a good time to trim ends for hair growth?


    1. vicdicara says:

      Mainly one should care about the day itself – the lunar phase. So the 3rd is always good, always better than other days. Secondarily one should care about the lunar mansion of the Moon. It’s a little bit out of scope to discuss that right here right now. Certain mansions would be better than others – but remember that this is subordinate to the 3rd day “rule”, so don’t worry too much about it. After that you could worry about the solar signs, Aries and so forth. For the scope of things here, I will stick to the simple and good rule that the 3rd day after the new moon is always the best day for hair growth. Within the category of “best” you can get gradations of “best, bester, bestest” by additional factors like lunar mansion and solar sign, but for now I can’t really lay out all those rules.

      Aries belongs to mars and has lots of metabolism as a result. Therefore you can say it will add an element of speed.


  3. Provillus says:

    This is another twist of information I gathered about hair care. I did not any astrology relationship to our hair, until I bump in your blog. Now I’ll be re-scheduling my hair cuts and keep in tune with the moon-related hair care beauty days…


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